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What is Squeaks? Know about this wildcard entry in Tech Industry

Squeaks- 100% Indian Social Media-Likely to Launch on 15-Aug-2020

What is Squeaks? What is the meaning of Squeaks? Are you going to experience a 100% pure Indian Social Media in the coming days?

These are some hot questions nowadays. India has the largest number of social media users in the world. May it be Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, on every platform Indian traffic dominates. Hence often Indian people think, why don’t we have our own Indian social Media.

Indian social media means- the app that is developed by Indian within India. And this Application is all in one kind of platform.

So’ What is Squeaks? in Hindi, it means- चीं-चीं. Well, that is the word meaning and this app is more than just that.

About Squeaks Media



According to the sources, it seems that this app is going to change the game totally. Because this is a single app with multi-functions. Like a combo of Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and your own news laundry.

Isn’t it amazing? and that is made in India, a 100% indigenous. It is expected to be launched on coming Independence day. Means Indian Prime Minister may announce that on 15th August 2020. But again that is speculations only. Government back this application is not confirmed yet.

Now let’s discuss some of the features of this app. Though full features of this app are not clear, yet some of them are here.

Squeaks Dub

This feature of the app is gonna be like tik-tok. Means you can add small videos with your acting skill and background music and filters.

Audio and Video Features (VideoSqueaks)

Another advantage of Squeaks app is that you can add videos and Audios on this social platform. Just like Youtube. You can say this is gonna be a substitute of youtube. One can have online coaching, tuition and video tutorials as well.


This feature allows you one on one or one to many communication just like twitter. Also, you can share video messages video calls between mutual followers. Just more than twitter and Whatsapp. Maybe it is gonna be a combo feature of twitter and WhatsApp.

Squeaks Groups & Pages

This feature is supposed to be like Facebook. You may create Squeaks Private or Public groups and brand pages. Timeline with 360 characters limit, HashTags, GeoLocation tags, Likes, Share, Daily Quotes and more.

Squeaks Shops

Online shopping is a new trend in the world. This app is gonna give you new kind of online shopping experience as well. User can create an account and sell any physical or digital products in this section.

Squeaks News Laundry

This feature is for a daily news updates. You will get the daily dose of current affairs and things happening around the world. This will be a kind of online newspaper.

So’ these are some of the expected features of this 100% pure Indian Social Media app. Apart from the app, you can use all these features (except some) on its official website

Hope for the best! Though features are very much attractive and most of the things are available on a single platform & It seems exciting & alluring yet before concluding, let it arrive first.

How was this tech update for you, do tell us in the comment box. Also, follow our Tech Update page for more like this.

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