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Ignou Exam Date Sheet: Find your exam schedule for all your Ignou exams which are upcoming. As soon as the Ignou announces the exam schedule, we post the update here. You can easily find your Ignou Date Sheet for all courses all exams here at one place. Fybblog is the most reliable source of Ignou information & updates.

Ignou Term End Examination (TEE)

Ignou conducts term-end exam twice a year. July session exam falls due in next year June and Jan session exam falls due in December. This is the cycle for Ignou year mode programs. Now the University offers semester-wise courses as well. So University will conduct the session end/term end exam every six months.

You will get the Ignou Exam Date Sheet for both sessions Jan & July admission cycle. We notify you early so that you get enough time to plan & manage your study schedule.

Ignou Exam Dates for TEE June’2020

The most upcoming exam is June’2020. Ignou has released the tentative exam schedule for June 2020 exam. However, the Exams for June’2020 session were on hold right now, due to the worldwide health emergency COVID-19. So’ Breaking news is that after many extensions, finally, Ignou decided to take final year student’s exams-
From 17th September 2020.

Download Ignou Date Sheet June 2020 Term End Examination going to held from 17th Sep

“Note: Only final Year students will appear for the exams”

How to search your subject in Date Sheet?

New Format for Ignou Exam Dates: According to the new format of date sheet, now you will be able to search your exam dates subject-wise. As per this format, there will be a web-link where you can check the schedule. you need to enter your Program Code and then choose your subject code, the date and time of the exam will display on the screen.

You can note down your schedule on a piece of paper to plan your exams accordingly. This is quite easier than the old format.

The old format of Ignou Date Sheet: Generally, Ignou releases its exam schedule in a pdf file, & there are hundreds of subjects, which make the search a little difficult. So’ the question is how to find your subject from date sheet easily? Here is the solution for you- Open the sheet in any laptop or mobile.

  • If using Computer: Use the Search feature (Cntl+F ) and enter your subject code and click on the find button.
  • If Using Smartphone: Pdf file has three dots on the top of the file. Click here and you will see a “Search” option. Once you click on search, you can enter your subject code and click on search. That particular subject will be highlighted.

One by one you can search and note your subjects exam dates.

FAQ on Ignou Exams & Schedule Related

Q. What is Tentative Ignou Date Sheet?

Ans. Ignou releases tentative schedule for all exams in 2-3 months advance. Later if any adverse situation occurs or some clashes between exams with other University arises the University updates the TEE Exam Schedule accordingly.

Q. When Ignou Releases final TEE Exam Date Sheet?

Ans. Generally, for June exam you can expect the final version of the date sheet by mid-May. And for December Session exam you may expect the final version of Ignou Date Sheet by the First week of November.

Q. Can I download Ignou Exam Schedule Directly?

Ans. NO! Since there are hundreds of courses and thousands of subject Ignou is unable to release separate downloadable date sheet. But yes you can download complete exam dates altogether in pdf format.

Q. Can Ignou Change the Exam Schedule?

Ans. Yes! if needed, the University has the right to change the exam dates and give an alternative date for a particular exam.
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