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Sound Beamer- New Technology to Listen Music, Phones Without Headphones

What is Sound Beamer or Sound Beaming Technology?

Can you imagine to listen music in your phone without using any headphone or loudspeaker? I am sure you would thing that isn’t possible.

But this is gonna be possible by Sound Beamer technology. Sooner you will be able to enjoy the complete new way to listen music and phone calls. No need to have a wired headphones or bluetooth headphone.

Yes! this is surprising but nothing is impossible in science world.

Israel’s tech company Noveto is going to introduce this technology latest by end of 2021. According to the sources of the company the trial of this device was successful.


How Sound Beamer Technology Actually Works?

Sound Beaming is like magic of technology in audio world. Now you will be able to listen the audio privately without using any wire or headphones.

Most of you would like to know how it is going to work? 

As per the sources of Noveto (an Israely firm) sound beamer is smart enough to identify the users ear. actually sound beamer 1.0 is a device which is designed to recognise your ears using 3D mapping. When you are in range of the sound beaming device it can throw the sound bubbles to your ear.

Sound Beaming device generates sound bubbles which are actually sound packets. The sound pockets are packed and its going to be unpacked just near to your ears without disturbing others around. Sound beamer send two sound pockets, one for left ear and another for right.

This is like magic. You will feel like sound is coming within.

Certainely this will be a game changer in audio world. You will forget using headphones or wires.

By using Sound Beamer one can enjoy video and audio content anytime anywhere without disturbing others. weather you are at home or office, now you can be free to enjoy music, calls, video conferencing without using any headphone.

Let’s Sum Up

Sound Beaming technology is ready to arive your doorsteps in the coming few months. Noveto is expecting to bring the product in market by end of 2021.

This is indeed a very revolutionary discovery as we sometime get fedup by using wires or wearing bluetooth headphones.

For more techno news and updates keep us following. Thank you for reading.



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