SubjectSubject ( Code )Buy Now ( English Medium )
MCS – 011Problem Solving And Programming In CBuy Now
MCS – 012Computer Org. & Assembly Language ProgrammingBuy Now
MCS – 013Discrete MathematicsBuy Now
MCS – 014System Analysis And DesignBuy Now
MCS – 015Communication SkillsBuy Now
MCS – 016Internet Concepts And Web DesignBuy Now
MCS – 021Data File StructuresBuy Now
MCS – 022Operating Concepts & Network ManagementBuy Now
MCS – 023Intro. To Database Management SystemsBuy Now
MCS – 024Object Oriented Technology And Java ProgrammingBuy Now
MCS – 031Design And Analysis Of AlgorithmBuy Now
MCS – 032Object Oriented Analysis And DesignBuy Now
MCS – 033Advanced Discrete MathematicsBuy Now
MCS – 034Software EngineeringBuy Now
MCS – 035Accounting And Financial ManagementBuy Now
MCS – 041Operating SystemsBuy Now
MCS – 042Data Communication And Computer WorkBuy Now
MCS – 043Advanced Database Management SystemsBuy Now
MCS – 044Mini ProjectBuy Now
MCS – 045Lab ( UNIX & RDBMS) ( Oracle )Buy Now
MCS – 051Advanced Internet TechnologiesBuy Now
MCS – 052Principles Of Management And Information SystemsBuy Now
MCS – 053Computer Graphics And MultimediaBuy Now
MCSE – 003Artificial Intelligence And Knowledge ManagementBuy Now
MCSE – 004Numerical And Statistical ComputingBuy Now
MCSE – 011Parallel ComputingBuy Now

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