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Ignou BAPSH Study Material and Complete Syllabus Guide

Your search for Ignou BAPSH Books & Syllabus ends right here. To make your work easy, here’ we have given the option to download all Ignou BAPSH study materials in pdf format. Not only books you get the complete Ignou BAPSH Syllabus semester-wise.

We dedicate this article to all Ignou students attempting a BA in Political Science honours. And we know the importance of BAPSH study materials. we realise that-

  • You need Ignou BAPSH Books to prepare for Ignou BAPSH Assignments.
  • These textbooks will help you preparing for your upcoming term-end examination.
  • You should know your BAPSH Syllabus to plan your study accordingly.

Also, some students are doubtful about their BAPSH syllabus hence we have given here proper information on this. So before jumping to download Ignou BAPSH Study Materials let’s check about the syllabus first.

Ignou BAPSH Syllabus

The School of Social Sciences (SOSS) is among the larger schools of studies at the University. The BA Political Science Honours programme offered by SOSS. And this program is under CBCS- Credit based choice system. CBCS pattern in honours program starts from Jan 2020 batch. Since this is a new program, students need more clarity on the BAPSH syllabus.

There are following noteworthy points about this BAPSH Course:

  1. Student needs to complete this course in a minimum of three years.
  2. Maximum of 6 years are there to complete all subjects.
  3. Course available in Hindi & English Medium.
  4. BAPSH program follows the Credit System.
  5. Each credit is equivalent to 30 hours of study comprising all learning activities
  6. BAPSH programme is of 148 credits with a mix of five types of courses as below.
    • 14 core courses (CC): 6 Credit each
    • 4 Discipline-Specific Electives (DSE): 6 Credits Each
    • 4 Generic Electives (GE): 6 Credit Each
    • 2 Ability-enhancing compulsory courses (AECC): 4 Credit Each
    • 2 Skill Enhancement Course (SEC): 4 Credit each

Hence you complete 148 credits out of 26 subjects in six semesters (three years). So’ these were some important points about the course. Furthermore’ we will have a look at the subjects semester-wise.

How to Download Ignou BAPSH Books?

In this section will get the download links for each BA Political Science textbook semester-wise. Below table indicates the subjects applicable in a particular semester. To download the Ignou BAPSH Study material please click on the subject title.

First Semester subjects for BA Political Science Honours

Download BA Political Science First Semester books from the below table. You will earn a total of 22 Credits out of the following 4 subjects.

Subject Code & Title Category
BPSC-101 Understanding Political Theory CC
BPSC-102 Constitutional Development and Democracy in India CC
BEVAE-181 Environmental Studies. AECC
BSOG-171 Indian Society: Images and Realities

Second  Semester subjects for BA Political Science Honours:

You will study 4 subjects equal to 22 Credits. You have two subjects under the AECC category and you can choose anyone out of those two. Download links for 2nd Semester Ignou BAPSH Books are active on each title.

Subject Code & Title Category
BPSC-103 Political Theory-Concepts and Debates CC
BPSC-104 Political Process in India CC
BEGAE-182 English Communication Skills or
BHDAE-182 Hindi Bhasha Aur Samprashanas.
BGDG-172 Gender Sensitization: Society and Culture GE

3rd Semester Textbooks for BA Political Science Honours

In the third semester of BA Political Science Honours, you will study 5 subjects. 3 subjects from Core Course, 1 from SEC. And one subject from GE. You will get 28 Credits from this semester.

Follow the below-mentioned table to download the textbooks for a particular subject.

Subject Code & Title Category
BPSC 105 Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics CC
BPAC 101 Perspectives on Public Administration CC
BPSC 107 Perspectives on International Relations and World History CC
BANS 183 Tourism Anthropology SEC
BSOG 173 Rethinking Development GE

Ignou Books BAPSH 4th Semester

BAPSH fourth Semester Consists of 5 subjects. 3 from core course, 1 from SEC & 1 from Generic Elective. Hence you will earn a total of 28 Credits upon passing these 5 subjects.

Subject Code & Title Category
BPAC 108 Public Policy and Administration in India CC
BPSC 109 Political Processes and Institutions in Comparative Perspective CC
BPSC 110 Global Politics CC
BSOS 184 Techniques of Ethnographic Film Making SEC
BPAG 174 Sustainable Development GE

5th Semester: Ignou BA Political Science Honours Books

In the fifth semester of this course, the student will study 4 subjects. Two from Core Course and rest two from DSE. Result of which you are going to earn 24 Credits.

Download Ignou BAPSH Study Materials for 5th Semester below.

Subject Code & Title Category
BPSC-111 Classical Political Philosophy CC
BPSC-112 Indian Political Thought-I CC
Any 2 of the following:
  • BPSE-141 Gandhi and the Contemporary World
  • BPSE-143 India’s Foreign Policy in a Globalising World
  • BPSE-145 Democracy and Development in Northeast India

BAPSH Textbooks for 6th Semester: the final semester

The final semester carries 4 subjects equal to 24 Credits. Each subject 6 credits. Two are from Core Course and two from Discipline Specific Electives.

Download Ignou BAPSH Textbook for 6th Semester from the following table.

Subject Code & Title Category
BPSC-113 Modern Political Philosophy CC
BPSC-114 Indian Political Thought-II CC
Any 2 of the following:
  • BPSE-142 State Politics in India-
  • BPSE-144 Introduction to South Asia
  • BPSE-146 Conflict Resolution and Peace Building

You can prepare your BAPSH Assignments after learning these study materials. Also, you can save these study materials in your smartphone to read it anywhere.

Apart from these, you can Visit Ignou Books Section for more Ignou Books for free.

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