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Ignou BAPCH Study Material | Know Everything about Ignou BA Psychology Course

Dear Ignou Students, You will find this post useful If you are want to pursue BA Psychology Honors from Ignou. If you are already pursuing Ignou BA Psychology honours then you will be able to download Ignou BAPCH Study Material from here.

Right from the syllabus, we are going to provide your every information about this honours course- BA Psychology.

 About Ignou BA Psychology (New CBCS Course)

This is a three years bachelor degree course for Psychology honours. As you all know that Ignou has completely changed the Under-graduate syllabus to new CBCS Pattern.

Hence this course is also under Choice Based Credit System. You need to achieve 148 credits to complete this course. Before you move to download Ignou BAPCH Study Materials/books, Below are the important pieces of information about the program.

  • Program Code: BAPCH
  • Duration of the Course: The Programme can be completed in a minimum of three years and a maximum of six years
  • Course started from: January 2020 Session
  • Number of Subjects in BAPCH: a total of 26 subjects/courses, in which 18 are Psychology courses, four interdisciplinary and two ability and two skill enhancement courses.
  • Available Medium of Instructions: Ignou BA Psychology is available in two languages- Hindi & English.
  • Course Fee for Ignou BA Psychology (BAPCH): Fee break-up for the Ignou BAPCH Course is as follows-
      • A total of Rs. 9600/- and Rs.1800/- for Practical, is to be paid for the Bachelor of Arts Psychology Honours Programme.
      • The breakup of fees is Rs.3200/- per year and Rs. 600/- for Practical, every year.
      • In the first year, in addition to Rs.3200/-, a Registration fee of Rs.200/- also has to be paid.
      • The programme fee should be paid only by means of Debit Card/Credit Card through online mode only. Fee once paid is not refundable.
        The University may revise the programme fee. In that case, the revised fee shall be payable by you as per the schedule of payment notified by the university.

Ignou BA Psychology Syllabus details

The programme is of 148 credits with a mix of five types of courses:

  • 14 core courses (6 Credit Each)
  • 04 Discipline-Specific Electives (DSE)- 6 Credit Each
  • 04 Generic Electives (GE)- 6 Credit each
  • 02 Ability enhancement courses (AECC)- 4 Credit Each
  • 02 Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) – 4 Credit Each

So’ you have to study a total of 26 Ignou BAPCH Books throughout the entire Ignou BA Psychology Program. Furthermore, let’s take a look at the subjects semester-wise.

List of Ignou BAPCH Books/ Study Material Semester-wise

In this section of the article, you will get to know about the subjects applicable in each semester/year. If you wish to download Ignou BAPCH Study material for a particular subject, you just need to click on that subject.

Let’s take a look at the below-mentioned table-

Download Ignou BAPCH Books for Year 1:

Year 1 constitutes of Semester-1 and semester-2, In the first year, you will study the 8 Ignou BAPCH Books (4 books each sem).

In order to download these Ignou BA Psychology Study materials, you just need to click on the course title below.

Semester First:

Subject Code/ Title Category Credit
BPCC-101 Introduction to Psychology Core Course 6
BPCC-102 Biopsychology Core Course 6
BEVAE-181 Environmental Studies AECC 4
BSOG-171 Indian Society: Images and Realities GE 6

Semester Second:

Subject Code/ Title Category Credit
BBPCC 103 Psychology of Individual Differences
Core Course 6
BPCC 104 Statistical Methods for Psychological Research-I Core Course 6
Any one:
BEGAE-182: English Communication
BHDAE-182: Hindi Bhasha Aur Samprashan
BGDG-172 Gender Sensitization: Society and Culture GE 6

Download Ignou BAPCH Books for Year 2:

In the second year (3rd & 4th Semester), a student will study 10 subjects. Download links for Ignou BAPCH Study Material for 2nd year are the following.

Semester third:

Subject Code/ Title Category Credit
BPCC 105 Psychological Research Core Course 6
BPCC 106 Development of Psychological Thought Core Course 6
BPCC 107 Social Psychology Core Course 6
BANS 183 Tourism Anthropology SEC 4
BSOG 173 Rethinking Development
GE 6

Semester Fourth:

Subject Code/ Title Category Credit
BPCC 108 Statistical Methods for Psychological Research-II
Core Course 6
BPCC 109 Developmental Psychology Core Course 6
BPCC 110 Applied Social Psychology Core Course 6
BANS 184 Public Health and Epidemiology SEC 4
BPAG 174 Sustainable Development
GE 6

Download Ignou BAPCH Books for Final Year:

In the third year (4th & 6th Semester), a student will study 8 subjects, and download links for Ignou BAPCH Study Material for final year are the following.

Semester 5th:

Subject Code/ Title Category Credit
BPCC 111 Understanding Psychological Disorders Core Course 6
BPCC 112 Organizational Behaviour Core Course 6
BPCE 141 Positive Psychology DSE 6
BPCE 143 Environmental Psychology DSE 6

Semester Sixth:

Subject Code/ Title Category Credit
BPCC 113 Understanding and dealing with Psychological Disorder Core Course 6
BPCC 114 Counselling Psychology Core Course 6
BPCE 142 Forensic Psychology DSE 6
BPCE 144 Dissertation DSE 6


This was all about the new CBCS Course BA Psychology honours. We hope you get all the necessary information & downloaded the Ignou BAPCH Study material/books for your course.

In case you need any information related to Ignou BA Psychology, which is missing here, you may always ask us in the below comment box.

Wish you all good luck-

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  1. What do you mean by 3 or 6 years of course in BAPCH. Is it either 3 or 6? Or it should be completed for 6 years. Can you explain?

    1. Course Duration is 3 Years (Minimum)
      You can take 6 Years (Maximum) to Clear the exams for all three years. After 6 years you have to take a fresh admission

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