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Important Update for Ignou Students!! Waiting to download Ignou Assignments 2019-20 for New IGNOU BAG Course? If yes here you go, we have given the most simplified way to download IGNOU BAG CBCS Assignments for Current Year. Latest IGNOU BAG Assignments means the current session(2019-20) assignment s which is released by the University, So you need to be careful while selecting your session.

You can easily download all BAG related latest assignments in PDF format from here, All subjects assignments for all the below mentioned CBCS courses are available to download here:

Bachelor of Arts : BAG

BAG: Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course

Subject CodeEnglish MediumHindi Medium

BAG- Anthropology Assignments

Subject CodeEnglish MediumHindi Medium
BANC 1312019-202019-20
BANC 1322019-202019-20
BANC 133  
BANC 134  
BANE 145  
BANE 146  

BAG: English Assignments

BEGC 1312019-20
BEGC 1322019-20
BEGC 133 
BEGC 134 
BEGC 1012020
BEGC 1022020
BEGLA 1352019-20
BEGLA 1362019-20
BEGLA 137 
BEGLA 138 
BEGE 141 
BEGE 142 
BEGE 143 
BEGE 145 
BEGG 171 
BEGG 172 
BEGG 173 
BEGG 174 
BEGS 183 
BEGS 184 
BEGS 186 

BAG: Hindi Assignments

BHDC 1312019-20
BHDC 1322020
BHDC 133 
BHDC 134 
BHDLA 1352019-20
BHDLA 1362019-20
BHDLA 137 
BHDLA 138 
BHDE 141 
BHDE 142 
BHDE 143 
BHDE 144 
BHDE 145 
BHDE 146 
BHDS 183 
BHDS 184 
BHDS 185 
BHDS 186 

BAG- Economics Assignments

Subject CodeEnglish MediumHindi Medium
BECC 1312019-202019-20
BECC 1322019-202019-20
BECC 133  
BECC 134  
BECE 145  
BECE 146  
BECS 184  

BAG- History Assignments

Subject CodeEnglish MediumHindi Medium
BHIC 1312019-202019-20
BHIC 1322019-202019-20
BHIC 133  
BHIC 134  
BHIE 141  
BHIE 142  
BHIE 143  
BHIE 144  
BHIE 145  

BAG- Political Science Assignment

Subject CodeEnglish MediumHindi Medium
BPSC 1312019-202019-20
BPSC 1322019-202019-20
BPSC 133  
BPSC 134  
BPSE 141  
BPSE 142  
BPSE 143  
BPSE 144  
BPSE 145  

BAG- Psychology Assignment

Subject CodeEnglish MediumHindi Medium
BPCC 1312019-202019-20
BPCC 1322019-202019-20
BPCC 133  
BPCC 134  
BPCS 184  
BPCS 185  
BPCS 186  
BPCS 187  
BPCS 188  

BAG- Public Administration Assignments

Subject CodeEnglish MediumHindi Medium
BPAC 1312019-202019-20
BPAC 1322019-202019-20
BPAC 133  
BPAC 134  
BPAE 141  
BPAE 142  
BPAE 143  
BPAE 144  
BPAG 171  
BPAG 172  
BPAG 173  
BPAG 174  
BPAS 184  
BPAG 185  

BA- Sociology Assignments

Subject CodeEnglish MediumHindi Medium
BSOC 1312019-202019-20
BSOC 1322019-202019-20
BSOC 133  
BSOC 134  
BSOE 141  
BSOE 142  
BSOE 143  
BSOE 144  
BSOE 145  
BSOE 146  
BSOE 148  
BSOG 171  
BSOG 173  
BSOG 176  
BSOS 184  
BSOS 185  

BAG: URDU Assignments

BUDC 1312019-20
BUDC 1322019-20
BUDC 133 
BUDC 134 
BUDLA 1352019-20

BAG: Sanskrit Assignments

BSKC 1312019-20
BSKC 132 
BSKC 133 
BSKC 134 
BSKLA 135 

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  1. Sir I need 1st sem assignment questions paper for BAG 2019-2020, it is there but when I click it on it can’t reach its says that “the page can’t found” please help me! The course code are as follows: BPSC-131, BEVAE-181, BHIC-131 AND BEGLA-135 please help me.

  2. sir can u send me BAG programme solved assignment….
    BEGLA 136 english communication
    BUDC 132
    BEGC 132..
    plzz sir/mam replay fast..
    plzzz Help me

  3. Hello
    Sir/mam ,
    I have taken new admission in July 2019-20 session in BAG programme but I m totally confused about the exams and
    assignments as there is no such certain information about exams… So can uh plz help me out about assignments/ exams? I
    mean when we are going to have exams ?

  4. Hello Sir/ma’am , I have taken admission in July 2019-20 session in BAG programme but I m totally confused about the exams and assignments as there is no such certain information about exams… So can uh plz help me out about exams? I mean when we are going to have exams ?

  5. Sir, i have admission in July 2019(BAG Program) i have chose 8 subjects but i received only 4 subjects study material. I have not received second semester book. Please inform me how can i received my second semester book.

    1. Hi Ritu, I also have same course and I also have same case about books and exams.. so can we have talk about our course

  6. Sir, I took admission in July 2019(BAG Program) , and i have to chose 8 subjects but i get only 4 subjects study material yet. Then how i will appear for 8 subjects in July 2020 ?????? . . . . . .

  7. Hello i took admission in bag course on july 2019. I can’t find begla 136 , begc 132 and begae 182 assignments. There are different courses mentioned On official site of ignou assignment. I had to find each assignment individually. Please help.


    1. Yes You will be attempting all eight subject papers in Coming June 2020. Because earlier it was in Semester Mode but Ignou could not conduct the paper in Dec 2019 so this will be year wise now.

  9. Dear Admin
    I am kanika i take admission in BAG January 2020 session i have option to chose 8 subject but last year my sister take admission she chose only 5 subject in first year is there any changes in program and one more query what is the proceed of 1si semester and second semester is we have to submit my assignment 2 times or give exam in 2 time in 1st year
    please clear my query

    1. Actually IGNOU planned to make it semester mode however they could not conduct the exam in Dec 2019 session. Therefor it will be year wise in July 2020.
      So you can choose all eight subjects if you are taking admission in Jan session. Assignment need to submit once for each semester or year.

  10. Hello Everyone.. I took admission in BAG course in July 2019 session .. below are the courses mentioned in my admission form.

    BANC131 Semester 1
    BEGLA135 Semester 1
    BPCC131 Semester 1
    BEVAE181 Semester 2
    BEGLA136 Semester 2
    BANC132 Semester 2
    BPCC132 Semester 2
    BEGAE182 Semester 2

    I got the last date assignment submission, but im not sure for what all subjects i need to submit the assignment.

    Please he me with that.. Do i have to submit for all the subject or for just semester 1..

    1. Both BA Program and BAG are undergraduate Degree of Bachelors of Arts.
      The difference is: BA Program is an Old Course for Arts Graduate Degree
      BAG is a New Course under CBCS (Credit Based Choice System) pattern for Arts Graduate Degree which has totally different and new syllabus..
      BA Program course in Ignou is now closed and they have launched New BAG Course instead of BA Program…
      BAG is Program Code for Bachelors of Arts.

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