IGNOU BA Histroy Books

SubjectSubject ( Code )Buy Now ( English Medium )Buy Now ( Hindi Medium )
Modern India (1857 – 1964 )EHI – 1Buy NowBuy Now
India : Earliest Times To 8th CenturyEHI – 2Buy NowBuy Now
India : From 8th To 15th CenturyEHI – 3Buy NowBuy Now
India : From 16th To Mid 18th CenturyEHI – 4Buy NowBuy Now
India : From Mid-18th Century To Mid-19th CenturyEHI – 5Buy NowBuy Now
History Of China And Japan : 1840 – 1949EHI – 6Buy NowBuy Now
Modern Europe : Mid – 18th To Mid – 19th CenturyEHI – 7Buy NowBuy Now

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