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IGNOU Assignments Preparation Tips

IGNOU is the National Open University of India which has study centers all over the country and about 16 overseas centers. Assignment writing is one of the important task for the IGNOU Students and it is oblivious that there would be some doubts about it for the first year students. After reading this article your all doubts on IGNOU Assignment writing will be cleared.

What is IGNOU Assignment?

IGNOU Tutor Mark Assignment or TMA is a home work given by University to every students every semester/year. TMA Question papers are uploaded on the Ignou website for every session and you need to write in answers of those question in your own handwriting and submit it to your study center coordinator. This is a kind of very good practice of open university which makes students to learn while writing and research while assignment preparation. 30% weightage given for Assignments and 70% for theory exams. student need to submit assignment for each subject in their course.

How to prepare a Good IGNOU Assignment?

Here are given Important instructions & guidelines to Write IGNOU Assignments properly –

  1. Read Instructions Properly: Read the Instructions and demand of the questions in your Assignment question papers. If answer is demanded in 500 words make sure you summarize it within 500-600 words.
  2. Use of Proper Paper: Use A4 Size ruled paper, you can take one side ruled and one side plain as sometime you need to prepare graphs and diagrams related to your answers, so you may take one side lining one side plain paper.
  3. Creative Writing: Remember handwriting is the key factor to impress your tutor who is going to give you marks, this is home work and you have no time limitations like in exam center, So you are expected to present your answers in good handwriting. Use proper heading, Underline the important Paragraph, Use double inverted commas ” “ for quoting a definition or a writer’s word, that’s how you can impress your examiner.
  4. Source of Information: Read the Chapters related to the question and write your answers, you must research other source of information, and books as you are not suppose to write word to word from your books. Assignment is home work and you are suppose to write your answers to the point, summarized. if you do research on the topic you will also gain good knowledge that is the basic motto behind Assignment writing. So don’t copy word to word from your text books only, do some extra efforts.
  5. Assignment Cover Page: This is the last but the most important point because most of the books are judged by its cover page. So your Assignment cover page should be creative and having and most importantly you should not use plastic cover for the assignments because that is not recommended by IGNOU. We have also provided a proper, creative cover page as per guideline, you can check this link –Download IGNOU Assignment Cover Page

Where to get assistant to prepare your Valuable Assignment Answers?

Many people and many websites offer the Ignou Assignment solution guide some offers paid service and some free of cost and you need to be wise while selecting one, here is the link of where you can buy the solved assignment guide at very nominal cost and this really helpful to prepare your assignments and the quality of the material is good. These are the samples how to write your answers in best way possible, you need to write your own words to get the good marks out of this, you really need to mind your writing and clarity while writing the answers that will certainly give you extra mileage. For more details, you may contact to the customer support number given on the website.

Hope the details given above would be beneficial to all the students. Best of Luck.

by Abhishek Aryan

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