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How to prepare for NIOS On Demand Examination

India’s largest Open Board for Secondary and Senior Secondary education NIOS gives you opportunity to appear for On Demand Examination every year. In this blog how to prepare for NIOS on Demand exam, we will provide you some useful information to get good marks and clear your subject under NIOS On Demand Exam opportunity.

But before we begin, you should know who are eligible for on Demand Exam and what is the benefit of this.

Who can Apply for NIOS On Demand?

Demand Examination (ODE) is for those who could not clear the board exam like CBSE or any other recognized state board or those who are eligible for the exam but could not appear for the main exam due to some reason.

Why Choose NIOS on Demand Examination (ODE)?

This is very flexible option from NIOS which allows students to clear their board exam with ease, here are some top reason to choose NIOS on demand exam-

  • Appear for your Exam on the date of your choice
  • Result in 45 Days- results are announced faster then main exam.
  • Save your Precious Year
  • Can appear for the subject you are failed in.
  • 100% credit transfer for the subject you are passed in.

How to prepare for NIOS On Demand Exam?

This is the most important question in the mind of students while. Preparing for the On Demand is not a reason to worry, here will let you know few but fool proof points following which you can clear On Demand Exam of NIOS-

  1. NIOS Text Books/ E-books: Normally NIOS provide you the text books material by courier but in case of On Demand you might have selected the nearest date for the exam so you don’t have time to wait for the books, hence you can download these e-books online and start preparation. To Download NIOS Text Books for Free Click Here
  2. NIOS Previous Year’s Question Papers: Most important is that you refer the previous exam paper for NIOS. Below are the links given where you can download NIOS Previous Question Papers and mark most important and prepare according to that.

Download NIOS Previous Exam Question Papers-for Secondary

Download NIOS Previous Exam Question Papers- for Sr. Secondary

  1. NIOS Help Books or NIOS Guide Books: Some very useful helpbooks are available in the market in question answer format with sample papers, which are the useful for NIOS exam preparation, you may read those guides or help books to prepare for on demand exam in short time. You can also order these nios help books or guides online as well from online book sellers like or , but before you order you should ask for the delivery time as under the on demand exam your exam might be scheduled nearest.

Hope this will help you preparing for your NIOS On Demand Examination. We wish you good luck for your success, if you have more doubts or concern related to this topic you can ask us by replying to below comment box.

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