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Coronavirus update : How badly students & education affected

Guideline for the student to protect from Coronavirus

Coronavirus update: COVID-19 virus worst affected the study and education worldwide. Over the last few weeks, situations are worsening day by day & students across the globe are into trouble. millions of the students choose to study cross the border for better knowledge and education every year. And because of COVID-19 Virus, either they have to return back to the homeland or stuck in their hostel.

The decease now spread to more than 85 countries across the globe. Due to the Coronavirus threat number of students are stuck into the hostels or at home. Especially the students studying MBBS in China are into the biggest trouble.

Though GOI has made all the possible effort to the safe passage of Indian students from China. Yet the many students from other countries still not been evacuated.

The worst effect of Coronavirus Disease

So-far the following segments are worst-hit due to this worldwide disaster Coronavirus.

  1. Education Sector: Many Universities and boards have to postpone the exams and schedules. More 300 million students are stuck at home due to COVID-19 virus.
  2. Tourism Industry: Is in a dangerous situation as the countries are putting restrictions on visas.
  3. Food Industry: Food industry especially Meet Industry is in danger as the consumption down by 80% due to fear.

Coronavirus Update: Quick facts about Coronavirus (COVID-19 Virus)

  • A coronavirus is a large group of viruses that causes illness in humans and animals.
  • China very first time reported an outbreak of the Coronavirus on 31-Dec-2019 in a seafood market Wuhan province of china.
  • The first reaction on the body of this virus visible in the form of Fever, Cough, and difficulty in breathing.
  • It spread through droplets, aerosols while coming close to an infected person.
  • If anyone infected by cold or cough must wear a mask to cover the face.
  • Coronavirus cannot survive without a human body or an animal for more than 1 minute.
  • COVID-19 virus can travel through the air not more than 6 feet. so if you keep 6 feet distance from people, it is safer.
  • It is possible that COVID-19 virus may not survive in hot weather, however, there is no official confirmation on it.

Guideline for the students to protect from Coronavirus

  1. Keep Calm and stay at home, prepare for the exams from home.
  2. Learn properly about COVID-19 virus so that you can educate others.
  3. Do not spread panic & take the update about exams & schedules from University college administration.
  4. Keep the learning about new Coronavirus Update & developments via News & information Channels.
  5. Avoid going out & minging with people when not necessary.
  6. Keep sanitizing your hands every 5 minutes and do not touch your face area.
  7. There is no vaccine available for this virus so Prevention is the only cure in this situation.

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