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Smart & Effective Tricks to Secure Good Marks from IGNOU Assignment 2021-22

Proper Instructions & Tips for IGNOU Assignment Preparation(2021)

World’s largest Open University IGNOU is setting up for its June & December Term End Examination 2021-22 and Assignment work play essential role in making percentage in your overall score. This is a mandatory term by the University to submit the Assignment Worksheet before every term end examination, These IGNOU Tutor Mark Assignments has 30% weight-age therefor you need to be careful while preparing for IGNOU Assignment for 2020.

How to get good marks in IGNOU assignment

How to Write an Assignment for Better Marks?

Learn Assignment writing tricks smartly to impress the examiner & get better marks. Here are the 5 simple steps that you must follow while writing the Assignments.

1. Prepare Original Content

The Most Important part of the assignment is that you need to prepare your answers in Unique Content. You should not copy word to word from Internet or the Textbook. These are home task and University expect that you submit your answer with some R & D (research and Development) therefor the purpose of the asking assignment work can be achieved.

2. Clean Writing

This is not the exam paper where you have time limit and you are in hurry to solve all the paper, this is home work and you are expected to write the IGNOU Solved Assignments in your best handwriting, there are two motive behind University asking handwritten Assignment,

  • You get some writing practice before the exam &
  • You get come across the necessary knowledge about your subject and writing is the best way to memorise your lessons.

3. Use Quality stationery

Always keep in mind that you follow the Instructions of the University about the assignments. To write your answers on good quality paper, Normally University prescribe to use A4 Size Ruled paper sheet. You may use One Side Ruled and one side plain paper if your subject require graphical demonstrations.

4. Keep your Answers Simple and to the Point

You should not go and find all hard and heavy words to write your answers. Keep it as simple as you can. Make sure you write the answers to the point and explain as much asked in a particular question. Use bullet points and Heading to prove your answers and justify with suitable examples.

5. Proper Assignment Cover Page

Last and most important part of your IGNOU Assignment is your Cover Page, This Cover Page should be properly designed with IGNOU Logo and some information which are mandatory to be placed on your cover letter.

Remember “First Impression is the Last Impression” your Assignment Cover Page is the First Impression

For the example- Your Name, Enrolment Number, Your Course Code, Assignment Code & your Study Centre Name/Code. Also, you must not forget to attach assignment question paper next to your cover page and before your answers sheet. For your reference you may download some sample Cover page from this link.

IGNOU Assignments are applicable for all students and all the courses offered by the University through Distance Learning Program & these are some smart & effective tricks which you can follow to achieve good score in your assignment work. We wish you all the best and good for your IGNOU Exams on December 2021 & June 2022.

IGNOU Solved Assignments for Guaranteed Success

IGNOU Assignments are not just meant for a simple home task, these are given to engage student in proper research and study of the course material. Therefor not Just copy, prepare quality assignment for your distance learning course from IGNOU.

Download the latest IGNOU Solved Assignment 2021-22 for guaranteed success. We offer the IGNOU Solved assignment guides with proper research and development which is worth reading and a value added to your skills. Expert suggestion and advice taken while preparing these assignments with reference to relevant subject and topic. All the advisable instructions were followed while preparing these assignments which are helpful for all IGNOU Students.

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