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Ideas for Funny Click with Statues : How to Click Funny Poses with Statues

50+ Funny Pics with Statues that will make you Laugh

Funny Clicks with Statue | Ideas for Best & Funny Poses with Statues

The world is full is creativity but very few people know how to use it well. while the most common creativity comes to use when you are clicking a pose. In this article, there are 50+ clicks with Statues that makes the statues real.

In most cases, when you come across a sculpture, it often looks solemn, glorious, or oftentimes majestic. When a statue or scripture is depicting a famous personality we become a little serious and stay composed when want to take pictures. However, there are certain creative brains who think differently and make different and funny poses with statues/sculptures.

When you run your imagination wild there is a completely unique and funny output that comes with pictures. So, hence no more serious poses with statues, here are more than 50 Ideas for posing differently with the statues and sculptures for you to learn and enjoy the movement.

Ideas for Best & Funny Poses with Statues

Here are some rare images that will give you mind-blowing ideas to have the best click with statues around the street.

#1: Traffic Police Statue Poses

Oh my God! movement with traffic police taking fine, this is a masterpiece of creative thinking.

Traffic police Statue Funny Pose

#2 Hitting Hammer

People working in a busy environment with lots of paperwork would better relate to this pose. Working in corporate means that you are bombarded with several important assignments or projects with looming deadlines. This click with the statue carrying Hammer is the best depicting the rush hour of the work.

#3 Spiderman Need Help: Funny Click with Statue

We all love superheroes because they are always there to help us. But time is not always the same. The time comes when even Spiderman needs help. This click is an amazingly superb creative thought.

You can try something like this when you see a similar statue. Best Creative brains make the best Funny Click with Statues.

#4 What you Hiding Inside

Statue Sneaking in his Pant. You can’t hide from the eyes of a super-active guard like him.

Funny Clicks with Security Guard Statue

#5 Selfie with Man

In today’s world, meeting and hanging out with people is never complete without taking the traditional selfie. As luck would have it, almost everyone has a phone that comes with a selfie camera, making it all the more convenient to take all the pictures you want.

#6 Poke in My Nose

Statue pointing a finger doesn’t mean that it wants to have a booger in your nose. However this click with the statue is the best funny outcome one may have. By the way, poking into the nose is not a good idea.

#7 Oh My Hair

How does it feel when someone pulls your hair. Although this funny click with the statue is an awesome yet annoying movement. You must scream out loud.

#8 Don’t tell anyone

There are few secrets in everyone’s life. I am telling you my secret, but remember not to tell anyone. This is a lady statue and uncle sam trying to tell her secret to impress the lady.

You may also try something creative like this and get the best photo click movement.

#9 Let me Help

Kids are innocent! they are always ready to help where possible. In this statue, 4 little mice are trying to pull their friend upside and an innocent kid trying to help in. This is not funny, this is a learning movement for us.

Funny Pose with Rat Statues

#10 Give me a Catch

A statue of ladyfish (mermaid) with a small dolphin kid gives you catch movement. This mermaid is riding on the wave of two dolphins with another about to dive from her hands into the hands of an eager man.

This makes your catch practice to the next level. You should not forget to take a funny snap with this mermaid statue.

Funny Clicks with Statue of Mermaid

#11 I can Explain

Convincing your own wife is the real challenge and it is really hard when she’s mad at that time. Not only one, but this is also the story of almost all husbands. If you are a husband you will better relate to this. No matter who’s right or wrong, be sure to put your pride aside and offer some logical explanation when you’re in the wrong – or not.

You can try this pose with the Angry lady statue.

#12 Kungfu Kick Boxing

Seeing two people bicker over something you deem irrelevant can be a little annoying, especially when both parties are not ready to concede. Arguments like these are not only pointless but will end up creating new enemies for you.

This man must have had enough and was tired of the back and forth between these Wall Street gurus. He decided to take matters into his own hands Kung Fu style, hoping it’ll reset their brains to their factory settings.

#13 Stay Away from us

#14 That’s My Child

Have you ever seen two people fighting for the same child, this might be surprising. Here in this statue three people trying to snatch the child from the statue’s mom. This will generate new ideas on How to Click Funny Poses with Statues.

#15 Talking to Stranger

Striking up a conversation may be a tad difficult for some but for others, it comes naturally to them. In this Click, there is a sitting man’s scripture and the boy played well by beginning a conversation.

#16 Innocent Love

Love has no boundaries and kids’ love is so selfless. An emotional movement with statue scripture of a boy. Regardless of location, wherever love finds you make sure you don’t lose it and grab it with both hands like this little girl. She’s taking no chances, and there’s no way she’ll lose her new BFF as she seals their bond with a kiss.

#17 Oh Shit

One thing you cannot discount on the field of play is accidents. They happen when you least expect them, and you have to pray that you’re not the one on the receiving end of it. They can range from minor to major.

It all depends on the kind of sport involved. This man must have a knack for being at the wrong place at the wrong time as he got hit in a very unpleasant place – his stomach. He’s going to be reeling from that for a while.

#18 How is the Bunn

#19 Funny Click with Obama Statue

Ex-President Obama will not find this cool I believe. A scripture of Mr. Obama in the park got a chilling photoshoot idea from some creative brains.

Funny Clicks with Statue of Obama

#20 Kiss Me First

This lady is Police Lover I believe. She turned the story 360 around. Father came from the Job and ran to hold his daughter but Mom came in and change the scenario.

How nicely place movement. Try something new out of this next time.

#21 Don’t Fear Just Jump

Sometimes all we need is a little push to take that step or to propel us to make a decision that we dread. For this man, who apparently has a fear of water, this woman decided to take matters into her own hands.

He’s been standing at the edge and has summoned courage a million times to just dive in but to no avail. This woman got tired of his indecisiveness and tried to give him the much-needed push to conquer his fears.

#22 Funny Pose with Gaint Head Statue

#23 Funny Click with Merlion Statue Singapore

The famous Merlion statue which is a fountain is one of the most visited tourist destinations. Most ofter people try this pose or the similar one. Especially when you are thirsty, you can try this unique photo pose with Merlion for two in one result.

Funny Clicks with Statue of Merlion

#24 Photo Pose with McDonald Statue

If you are a pizza burger lover you must have encountered this statue at Mc. D. Have you ever thought to have such a click with this statue. Try next time something different and later you will love it watching.

Funny Clicks with Statue at McDonald

#25 Giant Bird Scripture- Funny Clicks with Statues

Have you ever heard about the word ornithophobia? Possibly not, but if you haven’t, there’s no problem. Basically, it is the fear of birds, which is often caused by a negative encounter with a bird at some point in your life.

You might be wondering why people will fear such innocent and beautiful-looking creatures. Well, your point is valid, except if the bird is about 6 feet tall and it’s towering over you with its beak in your face.

#26 Give me Hi-Five

This soldier had this day brightened thanks to this woman who delightedly gave him a high five. He will have a bounce in his step and an extra incentive to protect his country all thanks to the little token of appreciation he received.

#27 Hammer Statue

This was a simple stone statue with a hammer in hand until the lady came into the picture. The way she postured herself with this statue, made a completely different story. This is how you can make great movements out of ordinary scripture.

#28 Lighting Ciggrett with Fire of Statue of Liberty

I think you don’t need a lighter to light the cigarette when you have a statue of liberty in front of you. How is this Idea to make your click funniest? I think this is all new and all different creative ideas to make your click funny.

Funny Clicks with Statue of Liberty

#29 Found My Love

True romantic movement when you find your lovemate. You forget everything and end up in his arms to enjoy the movement. This woman finally found her own silver-haired Greek god, and he is more than perfect in every way. She couldn’t have asked for anything else, and they decided to seal their chance meeting with the fabled true love’s first kiss.

Funny Clicks with Statue love boy

#30 Funny Clicks with Giant Head Statue

Have you watched horror movies where tourists go to a remote island and encounter savage tribes? You might wonder if this is real or not or if it can happen to anyone you know – well, it happens more often than not.

Funny Clicks with Giant Head Statue

#31 No Choice Left for You

As kids, there are several things we absolutely hate doing – like doing the dishes after a family dinner and having to wake up early to go to school every morning. Several other things could also make it onto the list.

However, we have enforcers – our parents – who wouldn’t hesitate to drag us by our feet to do the needful. You would think that would end when you are an adult. Well, this man found out the hard way that that isn’t the case, and there is always someone ready to drag you by the feet.

#32 Get in Tow

Taking your kids shopping or for an outing can be a daunting task, and most mothers don’t look forward to it. It becomes worse when you have 5 kids to keep an eye on, or you’ll feel really at fault if something happens to one of them.

One thing about kids is that they will always be kids, and you can do little to nothing about it. What happens when they see their friends? They stop to say hello or, in this case, try to dance the tango.

#33 Accidentally Fallen but Saved

The bicycle accidentally collides and the rider jumped into the sky, fortunately, captured by a bear. This is amazing bear scripture that was used to capture the best & funny pic.

Funny Clicks with Bear Statue

#34 Statues also love to take Selfies

You often find the statues of famous celebrities and personalities when you go to a museum or public fun places. Here is the movement when scripture was given a smartphone to take selfies. This is the way you take better & funny pictures with the scriptures.

#35 Fall in Line

Have you seen kids train, the below formation is reminding the same. One kid standing among the scripture look like part of it.

#36 Rocky Ass

This boy is trying to check the muscular ass of the scripture. How funny pose is this?

#37 Work in Progress (Funny Clicks with Statue)

Never jump in when the work progressing into full swing, it might hurt you the most. This scripture depicts the workers hammering on the rail track to fix it. Where a man jumped in the middle of it and now trying to save his balls. This is weird, he should avoid it next time.

Funny Clicks with Statue Hammering


These were some funniest clicks with statues, we often see many things around but the best creative minds can find the fun out of it. There are few people who can make anything funny. And these all are memories for your future, so next time when you go to a mall, park or tourist place observe things and make the best click. This was for instance “How to Click Best Poses with Stature and Scripture”.

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