Fst 01 Mcq Questions answers for Practice

As you all know that from DEC 2019 FST-01 and BSHF 101 Subject’s exams will be in MCQ format, we have here given the most important question with answer for the exam prospective questions.

As notified earlier by Ignou FST-01 and BSHF 101 these two papers will be objective type instead of descriptive.
So these FST-01 MCQ Question Answers will help you clear the exam.

There will be no negative marking so you can also use your guesses if you are not sure about the right answers from the available 4 options.

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Below are the FST-01 MCQ with the right answer written in front of the question.

  1. INSAT-1B orbits the Earth in every? – 8 hours 15 minutes
  2. Which Pottery of 1000 B.C – 600 B.C found in Gangetic Plain? – painted Grey Ware
  3. When Coinage System started? – Iron Age
  4. What is Monarchy Means? – The government under one king/ Sovereign ruler
  5. When is the Geological Survey of India Created? – 1851.
  6. The Standard form of ASLV – Augmented satellite launch Vehicle.
  7. The Founder of ISRO – Vikram Sara Bhai.
  8. Who wrote Artha Sastra? – Kautilya.
  9. In which age, Caste system emerged? – Iron Age.
  10. A group of stars arranged in a definite pattern defining a region in the sky is called? – Constellation.
  11. The largest planet of the solar system is? – Jupiter.
  12. According to Rigveda, how many regions are there in the Universe? – In 3 regions- Earth, Heaven, firmament.
  13. Who gives the law of Planetary Motion? – Johannes Kepler
  14. Who explained the Eclipses theory? – Aryabhatta
  15. What is Dioptics? – Part of optics dealing with the passage of light through trans parent bodies like lens or glass
  16. Which hormone increases the heartbeat and respiratory rate? – Adrenal medullary hormone
  17. Use of Anaesthetics described in? – Susruta Samhita
  18. The Acoustics is the study of? – Sound
  19. The Father of Chemistry? – Antoine Laurent Lavoisier
  20. Depletion of the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere is due to? – release of chemical compounds with gaseous chlorine or bromine

  21. Acc. Ayurveda, Tridosas which cause illness is? – vayu, Pitta(bile), Kapha
  22. The Endocrine glands are those which secretes? – Hormones directly into the blood
  23. In which period, Aryans move towards East? – RigVeda Period
  24. Who discovered the circulation of blood theory? – William Harvey
  25. Which is the most suitable tree for the reclamation of alkaline soil? – Mango Tree
  26. Which Planet has a high surface temperature due to the greenhouse effect? – Venus
  27. The Expression for the measurement of IQ of a person is? – (Mental age / chronological age)×100
  28. The Branch of science that developed during the Iron Age due to Greek contribution is? – Metallurgy
  29. By which technology we can get many calves of the superior breed in a short time? – Multiple Ovulation Embryo transfer
  30. The study of the interaction of organisms with their environment is called? – Ecology
  31. What is the entry point of solar energy in the Ecosystem? – Photosynthesis

  32. The Functional Unit of Nervous system is called? – Neuron
  33. Which Amino acids our body cannot synthesise? – Essential Amino Acids
  34. The Carbon dioxide is utilised during photosynthesis and released during? – Respiration
  35. 78% of the gaseous component of our atmosphere is? – Nitrogen Gas
  36. When was the decimal system of numbers discovered? – 287 – 212 B.C
  37. The deficiency of Vitamin A causes? – night blindness.
  38. What type of disease is chicken Box? – Airborne Disease
  39. Which neurons help in taking messages from sensory organs to the central nervous system? – Sensory neurons.
  40. The Fly ash is used as a valuable material for? – cement, bricks and road embankment.
  41. Due to soil erosion, we not only loose soil but also many ? – soil productivity.
  42. Who made the observation on the planetary motion? – Tycho Brahe
  43. What is the shape of planetary orbit? – Elliptical shape.
  44. The name of the theories of Origin of Universe? – Big bang theory and steady-state theory.
  45. What is the Name of Evening & Morning Stars? – Venus.
  46. The most massive planets of our solar system ? – Jupiter and Saturn.
  47. The Venus and Uranus rotate its axes in? – Anticlockwise and counterclockwise.
  48. The earth revolves on its axis from which direction? – West to east.
  49. The inner planets are made up of? – Metal and rocks.
  50. The movement of the sun was observed by whom? – Galileo.

  51. The visible surface of the sun is called? – Photosphere.
  52. Which planet has no atmosphere? – Mercury.
  53. What are the names of two natural satellites of Mars? – Phobos & Deimos.
  54. Which planet’s orbit crosses Neptune’s orbit? – Pluto.
  55. Ozonosphere layer of atmosphere is also known as? – Stratosphere.
  56. The moon’s surface has flat dark expanses called? – Maria.
  57. The Chemical name of the kidney, which controls the absorption of water? – ADH ( Anti Diuretic Hormone).
  58. The name of pigment used for the manufacture of food in plants? -Chlorophyll.
  59. What are Vertebrates? – Animals possessing a backbone called vertebrates.
  60. Which organ is able to control or check the loss of water from the human body? – Kidney.
  61. What is Homeostasis? – The state of constancy which is vital for life.


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