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Certificate In Healthcare Waste Management (CHCWM)
1. BHM-001 Fundamentals : Environment and Health Care Waste Management Regulation Download
2. BHM-002 Health Care Waste Management : Concepts, Technologies and Training Download
Certificate In Newborn and Infant Nursing (CNIN)
1. ; BNS-015 Nursing Care of Newborn and Infant Download
Certificate in Maternal and Child Health Nursing (CMCHN)
1. BNS-017 Community Health Management Download
2. BNS-018 Reproductive and Child Health Download
Certificate In Home Based Health Care (CHBHC)
1. ; CNS-HC-001 Home Based Care Download
Diploma in Nursing Administration (DNA)
1. BNS-011 Principles And Practices Of Nursing Administration Download
2. BNS-012 Management of Educational Institutes, Hospitals and Community Download
3. BNS-013 Group Dynamics Download
4. BNS-014 Resource Management Download
5. ; BNS-115 Nursing Care Of Newborn And Infant Download
6. ; BNS-117 Maternal And Child Health Care Download
Diploma In Critical Care In Nursing (DCCN)
1. BNS-031 Concepts And Principles In Critical Care Nursing Download
2. BNS-032 Nursing Management In Critical Care Conditions Download
Bachelor of Science Nursing
1. BNS-101 Nursing Foundation Download
2. BNS-102 Applied Science (Biochemistry Biophysics, Microbiology Nutrition and Dietetics Download
3. BNS-103 Maternal Nursing Download
4. BNS-104 Communicative English Download
5. BNS-105 Behavioural Sciences Download
6. BNS-106 Medical Surgical Nursing Download
7. BNS-107 Paediatric Nursing Download
8. BNS-108 Mental Health Nursing Download
9. BNS-109 Community Health Nursing Download
10. BNS-110 Nursing Administration Download
11. BNS-111 Nursing Education And Research Download
B.Sc. In Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT)
1. BAHI-001 Basic Human Sciences Download
2. BAHI-002 Basic Haematology Download
3. BAHI-003 Immuno-Haematology And Blood Banking Download
4. BAHI-004 Clinical Pathology And Parasitology Download
5. BAHI-005 Clinical Biochemistry Download
6. BAHI-006 Microbiology Download
7. BAHI-007 Immunology Download
8. BAHI-008 Histopathology And Cytology Download
9. BAHI-009 Applied Histopathology And Cytology Download
10. BAHI-010 Applied Hematology Download
11. BAHI-011 Applied Serology, Immunology And Microbiology Download
12. BAHI-012 Organization Laboratory Management And Applied Biochemistry Download
13. BAHI-013 Automation Of Laboratory Services Download
B.Sc. Medical Records And Health Information Technology (BMRHIT)
1. BAHI-021 Medical Record Science Download
2. BAHI-022 Medical Terminology – I Download
3. BAHI-023 Medical Terminology – Ii Download
4. BAHI-024 Introduction To Management ; Organisation And Management Of

Hospital And Health System

5. BAHI-025 International Classification Of Diseases (Icd-10) And Surgical And Non-Surgical Procedure (Icd-9) Download
6. BAHI-026 Basics Of Statistics, Biostatistics And Hospital Statistics Download
7. BAH-027 Basic Of Preventive/Social/ Community And Curative Medicine Download
8. ; BAH-028 Medical Ethics, Medical Jurisprudence And Toxicology Download
B.Sc. In Radiation Therapy Technology (BRTT)/B.Sc. In Medical Imaging

Technology (BMIT)

1. ; BAHI-032 Radiographic Imaging Download
2. ; BAHI-036 Hospital Practice And Care Of Patient Download
3. ; BAHI-044 Administration And Management Download
4. BAHI-045 Basics Of Research Methodology And Bio-Statistics Download
B.Sc. In Medical Imaging Technology (BMIT)
1. BAHI-051 Physics Of Radiological Equipment – I Download
2. BAHI-053 Radiographic Techniques For Routine Procedures Download
3. BAHI-054 Care Of Patients For Radio Diagnostic Procedures Download
4. BAHI-055 Radio graphics Technique For Special Procedures Download
5. BAHI-056 Advance Physics Of Radiological Equipment – Ii Download
6. BAHI-057 Quality Assurance And Radiation Protection In Radiology Download
B.Sc. In Anaesthesia And Critical Care Technology (BACT)
1. BAHI-071 Essential Of Clinical Medicine Download
2. BAHI-072 Anaesthesia Equipment Download
3. BAHI-073 Essential Of Anaesthesiology Download
4. BAHI-074 Icu Management, Cpr And Trauma Life Support Download
5. BAHI-076 Equipment Care And Maintenance Download
6. BAHI-077 Regional Anaesthesia Download
7. BAHI-078 Anaesthesia For Surgical Specialities Download
8. BAHI-079 Anaesthesia Surgical Super Specialities Download
9. BAHI-080 Critical Care Technology, Pain And Palliative Care Download
10. BAHI-082 Biomedical Instrumentation Download
B.Sc. (Hons.) InOptometry And Ophthalmic Techniques (BSCHOT)
1. ; BOS-001 Communicative English Download
2. ; BOS-003 Basic Human Sciences Download
3. ; BOS-004 Basic Occular Sciences Download
4. ; BOS-005 Optometric Practice Download
5. ; BOS-007 Visual Optics Download
6. ; BOS-008 Dispensing optics Download
7. ; BOS-009 Orthoptics Download
8. ; BOS-010 Ocular Diseases Download
9. ; BOS-011 Contact lens Download
10. ; BOS-012 Low vision Download
11. ; BOS-013 Community Ophthalmology Download
12. ; BOS-014 Optometry for Specific Groups Download
13. ; BOS-015 Optometric Instruments and Procedures Download
Post Graduate Diploma in District Health Management (PGDDHM)
1. ; DDHM-01 Public Health System Women and Child Health Download
2. ; DDHM-02 Community Participation for Health Management of District Health Services Download
3. ; DDHM-03 Emerging Issues in Health Sector Special Focus Areas in Health Care Download
Post Graduate Diploma in Maternal & Child Health (PGDMCH)
1. ; MME-201 Preventive MCH Download
2. ; MME-202 Reproductive Health Download
3. ; MME-203 Child Health Download
Post Graduate Diploma In HIV Medicine (PGDHIVM)
1. ; MCMM-001 Basics Of Hiv Infection Download
2. ; MCMM-002 National Aids Control Programme Download
3. ; MCMM-003 Systemic Involvement In Hiv And Sti Download
4. ; MCMM-004 Management Of Hiv/Aids Download
Post Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine (PGDGM)
1. ; MME-004 Basic Geriatrics Download
2. ; MME-005 Clinical Geriatrics Download
Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management (PGDHHM)
1. ; DHHM-01 Introduction to Management I &II Download
2. ; DHHM-02 Clinical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services and Support and Utility Services and Risk Management Download
3. ; DHHM-03 Organisation & Management of Hospitals and Health System Management Download
Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cardiology (PGDCC)
1. ; MCC-001 Fundamentals of Cardio-Vascular System-I Download
2. ; MCC-002 Fundamentals of Cardio-Vascular System-II Download
3. ; MCC-003 Common Cardio-Vascular Diseases-I Download
4. ; MCC-004 Common Cardio-Vascular Diseases-II Download
5. ; MCC-005 Common Cardio-Vascular Diseases-III Download
6. ; MCC-006 Cardio-Vascular Epidemiology Download
7. ; MCC-007 Cardio-Vascular Related Disorders Download
Post Doctoral Certificate In Dialysis Medicine
1. ; MCMD-001 Hemodialysis – Basic Download
2. ; MCMD-002 Hemo-Dialysis – Advanced Download
3. ; MCMD-003 Peritoneal Dialysis And Renal Transplant Download

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