Ignou Previous Papers

Download Previous Year’s Solved Paper IGNOU – School Of Engineering And Technology

Certificate of Competency in Power Distribution (CCPD)
1. OEE-001 Electricity and Safety Measures Download
2. OEE-002 Power Distribution System- Basics Download
Certificate In Energy Technology And Management (CETM)
1. OEY-001 Energy Resources And Conversion Processes Download
2. OEY-002 Renewable Energy Technologies And Their Uses Download
3. OEY-003 Energy Management :Audit And Conservation Download
Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management
1. BEE-001 Power Distribution Sector Download
2. BEE-002 Energy Managementand itApplication Download
3. BEE-003 Management of Power Distribution Download
Diploma in Civil Engineering (DCLE)
1. BCE-024 Construction Technology- I Download
2. BCE-025 Elementary Civil Engineering Download
3. BCE-031 Advanced Survey Download
4. BCE-032 Theory of Structures- I Download
5. BCE-033 Environmental Engineering Download
6. BCE-034 Estimating & Quantity Surveying- I Download
7. BCE-041 Theory of Structures- II Download
8. BCE-042 Estimating & Quantity Surveying- II Download
9. BCE-043 Construction Technology- II Download
10. BCE-044 Concrete Technology Download
11. BCE-045 Construction Drawing Download
12. BEE-031 Electrical Technology Download
13. BEE-042 Electronics Download
14. BET-011 Mathematics-I Download
15. BET-012 Physics Download
16. BET-013 Chemistry Download
17. BET-014 Applied Mechanics Download
18. BET-015 Engineering Materials Download
19. BET-016 Engineering Drawing Download
20. BET-017 Computer Basics Download
21. BET-021 Mathematics-II Download
22. BET-022 Strength of Materials Download
23. BET-023 Elements of Survey Download
24. BET-024 E/M Engineering Download
25. BET-026 Workshop Technology Download
26. BET-036 Technical Documentation Download
27. BET-037 Fluid Mechanics Download
28. BME-032 Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Download
29. BME-033 Heat Power Technology Download
30. BME-034 Machine Drawing Download
31. BME-044 Industrial Management Download
Diploma in Civil Engineering (DCLE – G)
1. BCE-046 Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Download
2. BCE-051 Construction Management Download
3. BCE-052 Transportation Engineering Download
4. BCE-061 Irrigation Engineering Download
5. BCE-062 Construction Supervision and Building Maintenance Download
6. BCEE-052 Construction Equipment Download
7. BCEE-061 Prestressed Concrete Download
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
1. BME-050 Engineering Materials Download
2. BME-051 Manufacturing Processes-I Download
3. BME-052 Basics of Thermal Energy Download
4. BME-053 Applied Thermal Engineering Download
5. BME-054 Manufacturing Processes-II Download
6. BME-055 Computer Integrated Manufacturing Download
7. BME-056 Theory of Machine Download
8. BME-057 CNC Machines Download
9. BME-058 Power Plant Engineering Download
10. BME-059 Manufacturing Processes-III Download
11. BME-060 Machine Design Download
12. BME-061 Automobile Engineering Download
13. BME-062 Metrology and Instrumentation Download
14. BME-063 CAD / CAM Download
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DMEVI) & B.Tech. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 1-4 (BTMEVI)
1. BIME-002 Thermal Engineering – I Download
2. BIME-003 Machine Drawing Download
3. BIME-004 Fluid Mechanics Download
4. BIME-005 Material Science Download
5. BIME-006 Thermofluid Engineering Download
6. BIME-008 Machine Design – I Download
7. BIME-009 Production Technology – I Download
8. BIME-010 Thermal Engineering Download
9. BIME-011 Machine Design-II Download
10. BIME-011(S) Machine Design-II Download
11. BIME-012 Automobile Engineering Download
12. BIME-012(S) Automobile Engineering Download
13. BIME-013 Turbo Machines Download
14. BIME-014 Production Technology – Ii Download
15. BIME-015 Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Download
16. BIME-016 Mechatronics Download
17. BIME-017 Power Plant Engineering Download
18. BIME-018 Computer Aided Design Download
19. BIME-018(S) Computer Aided Design Download
20. BIME-019 Metrology Download
21. BIME-020 Industrial Engineering Download
22. BIME-020-S Industrial Engineering Download
1. BIME-021 Mechanics Of Materials Download
2. BIME-022 Power Transmitting Elements Download
3. BIME-023 Engineering Thermodynamics Download
4. BIME-024 Engineering Metallurgy Download
5. BIME-025 Design of Machine Elements Download
6. BIME-026 Heat Transfer Download
7. BIME-027 Metrology And Quality Control Download
8. BIME-027(S) Metrology And Quality Control Download
9. BIME-028 Maintenance Engineering Download
10. BIME-031 Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines Download
11. BIME-033 Machines Tools Download
12. BIME-034 Heat And Mass Transfer Download
13. BIME-034(S) Heat’ And Mass Transfer Download
14. BIMEE-001 Unconventional Manufacturing Processes Download
15. BIMEE-002 Product Development And Design Download
16. BIMEE-003 Non-Conventional Energy Resources Download
17. BIMEE-004 Optimisation Techniques In Engineering Download
18. BIMEE-005 Experimental Stress Analysis Download
19. BIMEE-006 Tribology Download
20. BIMEE-007 Advanced Dynamics Of Machine Download
21. BIMEE-008 Mechanical Vibration Download
22. BIMEE-009 Computer Aided Manufacturing Download
23. BIMEE-010 Mechanical System Design Download
24. BIMEE-011 Non-Destructive Testing Download
25. BIMEE-012 Production And Operations Management Download
26. BIMEE-013 Finite Element Analysis Download
27. BIMEE-014 Safety Engineering Download
28. BIMEE-015 Industrial Measurement And Quality Control Download
29. BIMEE-016 Robotics Download
30. BIMEE-017 Nuclear Power Engineering Download
31. BIMEE-018 Industrial Ergonomics Download
32. BIMEE-019 Total Quality Management (Tqm) Download
33. BIMEE-020 Materials Handling Download
34. BIMEE-021 Technical Entrepreneurship Download
35. BIMEE-022 Optimization For Engineering Design Download
36. BIMEE-023 Combustion Engineering Download
37. BIMEE-024 Welding Engg. Download
38. BIMEE-029 Power Plant Engineering Download
39. BIMEE-030 Industrial Organization And Management Download
40. BIMEE-031 I.C. Engines Download
41. BIMEE-032 Refrigeration System Download
42. BIMEE-032(S) Refrigeration System Download
B.Tech. Computer Science And Engineering (BTCCSVI)
1. BICS-003 Object Oriented Programming Download
2. BICS-005 Software Engineering Download
3. BICS-007 Data Structures Download
4. BICS-008 Discrete Maths Structure Download
5. BICS-009 Logic Design Download
6. BICS-010 Formal Languages And Automata Download
7. BICS-011 Database Management System Download
8. BICS-012 Microprocessor Download
9. BICS-013 Computer Organisations Download
10. BICS-014 Design And Analysis Of Algorithm Download
11. BICS-015 Principles Of Programming Languages Download
12. BICS-016 System Programming And Compiler Design Download
13. BICS-017 Computer Networks Download
14. BICS-018 Theory Of Computation Download
15. BICS-019 Operating Systems Download
16. BICS-020 Data Warehousing And Mining Download
17. BICS-021 Artificial Intelligence Download
18. BICS-022 Computer Architecture Download
19. BICS-023 Web Technology Download
20. BICS-024 Digital Image Processing Download
21. BICS-025 Advanced ComputerArchitecture Download
22. BICS-026 Unix Internals And Shell Programming Download
1. BICS-027 Computer Organization Download
2. BICS-028 PC Assembly and Maintenance Download
3. BICS-029 Algorithms and Logic Design Download
4. BICS-030 C’ Programming Download
5. BICS-031 Basics of Networking Download
6. BICS-032 System Analysis and Design Download
7. BICS-033 Numerical Methods and Computation Download
8. BICS-034 Principles of Communication Engineering Download
9. BICS-035 Java Basic and Object Modeling Design Download
10. BICS-036 Visual Basic Programming Download
11. BICS-037 Operating System Download
12. BICS-038 Database Management System Download
13. BICSE-001 Embedded System Download
14. BICSE-002 Object Oriented Design And Programming Download
15. BICSE-003 Neural Network Download
16. BICSE-004 Fuzzy Systems Download
17. BICSE-005 Object Modeling And Design Download
18. BICSE-006 Elective-Computer Networks Download
19. BICSE-007 Distributed Database Download
20. BICSE-008 Bio-Informatics Download
21. BICSE-009 Software Project Management (Spm) Download
22. BICSE-010 Data Modelling And Uml Download
23. BICSE-011 E-Business Download
24. BICSE-012 Software Reusability Download
25. BICSE-013 Real Time Systems Download
26. BICSE-014 Mobile Computing Download
27. BICSE-015 Software Quality Engineering Download
28. BICSE-016 Cryptography And Network Security Download
29. BICSE-017 Parallel Algorithms Download
30. BICSE-018 Pattern Recognition Download
31. OICS-001 Data Structures And Files Download
1. BIEL-001 Basics Of Electronics Engineering Download
2. BIEL-002 Analog Integrated Circuits Design Download
3. BIEL-003 Digital Electronics Download
4. BIEL-005 Analog Electronic Circuits Download
5. BIEL-006 Electromagnetic Field Theory Download
6. BIEL-007 Signals And Systems Download
7. BIEL-008 Micro Controllers Download
8. BIEL-009 Electronic Measurement And Instrumentations Download
9. BIEL-010 Digital Signal Processing Download
10. BIEL-011 Linear Integrated Circuits Download
11. BIEL-012 Analog And Mixed Mode Vlsi Design Download
12. BIEL-013 Antennas And Propagation Download
13. BIEL-014 Analog Communication Download
14. BIEL-015 Microprocessor And Its Applications Download
15. BIEL-016 Microwave And Radar Engineering Download
16. BIEL-017 Optical Fiber Communication Download
17. BIEL-018 Wireless Communication Download
18. BIEL-019 Power Electronics Download
19. BIEL-020 Control Engineering Download
20. BIEL-021 Computer Communication Networks Download
21. BIEL-023 Information Theory And Coding Download
22. BIEL-024 Embedded System Design Download
23. BIEL-025 Advance Microprocessor And Architecture Download
1. BIEL-026 Dip- ECE PCB Design & Testing Download
2. BIEL-027 Applied Electronics Download
3. BIEL-028 Circuits and Networks Download
4. BIEL-029 Electronic Measurement and Instruments Download
5. BIEL-030 Digital Electronics Download
6. BIEL-031 Micro Controller Download
7. BIEL-032 Principles of Communication Engineering Download
8. BIEL-033 Basic Telematics Download
9. BIEL-034 Audio and Video Engineering Download
10. BIEL-035 Digital Communication Download
11. BIEL-036 Microprocessor Download
12. BIEL-037 Maintenance Of Electronic Equipment Download
13. BIEL-038 Linear Integrated Circuits Download
14. BIELE-001 Television Engineering Download
15. BIELE-002 Microelectronics Technology Download
16. BIELE-003 Modeling And Testing Of Digital Systems Download
17. BIELE-004 Rf Circuits Download
18. BIELE-005 Industrial Electronics Download
19. BIELE-006 Electronic Product Design Download
20. BIELE-007 Nano – Electronics Download
21. BIELE-008 Opto Electronics Communication Systems Download
22. BIELE-009 Quantum Communication Download
23. BIELE-010 Signal Compression Download
24. BIELE-011 Digital System Design Download
25. BIELE-012 Electronic Switching Circuits Download
26. BIELE-013 Device Modelling For Circuit Simulation Download
27. BIELE-014 Multirate Systems Download
28. BIELE-015 Computer Architecture Download
29. BIELE-016 Data Communication And Network Download
30. BIELE-017 Bio Informatics Download
31. BIELE-018 Satellite And Tv Engineering Download
32. OIEL-001 Technical English Download
33. OIEL-002 Data Structures Download
Diploma -VIEP-Electrical Engineering (DELVI)/Advanced Level Certificate Course In Electrical Engineering (ACELVI)
1. BIEE-027 Electrical Machines-I Download
2. BIEE-028 Electrical Machine Theory — II Download
3. BIEE-029 Power Generation System Download
4. BIEE-030 Industrial Drives and Controls Download
5. BIEE-031 C – Programming Download
6. BIEE-032 Principles of Computer Architecture Download
7. BIEE-033 Electrical Circuit Theory Download
8. BIEE-034 Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution Download
9. BIEE-035 Control Systems Download
10. BIEE-036 Electrical Installation and System Download
11. BIEE-037 Power Plant Economics And Centering Download
12. BIEE-038 Energy Audit Download
13. BIEE-039 Electrical Measurements And Instruments Download
14. BIEEE-001 Dynamics System Simulation Download
15. BIEEE-002 Digital Control System Download
16. BIEEE-003 Special Electrical Machines Download
17. BIEEE-004 Mechatronics Download
18. BIEEE-005 Utilization Of Electrical Engineering Download
19. BIEEE-006 Switchgear And Protection Download
20. BIEEE-007 Computer Applications In P.S. Download
21. BIEEE-008 Flexible Ac Transmission System Download
22. BIEEE-009 Digital Control System Design Download
23. BIEEE-010 Power System Reliability Download
24. BIEEE-011 Electric Energy Utilization Download
25. BIEEE-012 Active Filter Design Download
26. BIEEE-013 Power Quality Issues And Remedial Measures Download
27. BIEEE-014 Computer Process Control Download
28. BIEEE-015 Stochastic Control Systems Download
29. BIEEE-016 Industrial Drives Download
30. BIEEE-017 Advanced Control System Download
31. BIEEE-018 Advanced Power Electronics Download
32. OIEE-001 Basics of Electrical Engineering Download
33. OIEE-002 Electrical Engineering Material Download
Diploma In Civil Engineering (DCLEVI) / Advanced Level Certificate In Civil Engineering (ACCLEVI) (DCLEVI)B.Tech. Civil Engineering (BTCLEVI)
1. BICE-001 Elements Of Engineering Science Download
2. BICE-002 Surveying Download
3. BICE-003 Engineering Geology Download
4. BICE-004 Advance Surveying Download
5. BICE-005 Building Technology – I Download
6. BICE-006 Geoinformatics Download
7. BICE-007 Mathematics-Hi Download
8. BICE-008 Structural Analysis—I Download
10. BICE-010 Quantity Surveying And Costing Download
11. BICE-011 Structural Analysis – II Download
12. BICE-011(S) Structural Analysis — II Download
13. BICE-012 Geotechnical Engineering – II Download
14. BICE-012(S) Geotechnical Engineering – II Download
15. BICE-013 Structural Design And Drawing – I Download
16. BICE-014 Environmental Engineering-I Download
17. BICE-015 Water Resources Engineering Download
18. BICE-016 Structural Analysis – III Download
19. BICE-017 Structural Design And Drawing – II Download
20. BICE-018 Environmental Engineering-II Download
21. BICE-019 Transportation Engineering – I Download
22. BICE-020 Transportation Engineering II Download
23. BICE-020(S) Transportation Engineering – II Download
24. BICE-021 Estimation And ConstructionManagement Download
25. BICE-021(S) Estimation And ConstructionManagement Download
26. BICE-022 Computer Applications In Civil Engineering Download
1. BICE-023 Construction Management Download
2. BICE-024 Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Download
3. BICE-025 Hydraulics And Hydraulic Machines Download
4. BICE-026 Geo-Technical Engineering – I Download
5. BICE-027 Mathematics-Iii Download
6. BICE-028 Fluid Mechanics Download
7. BICEE-001 Solid And Hazardous Waste Management Download
8. BICEE-002 Prestressed Concrete Download
9. BICEE-003 Remote Sensing In Civil Engineering Download
10. BICEE-004 Structural Optimization Download
11. BICEE-005 Construction Supervision And

Building Maintenance

12. BICEE-006 Earthquake Engineering Download
13. BICEE-007 Water Power Engineering Download
14. BICEE-008 Irrigation Engineering Download
15. BICEE-009 Advanced Steel Design Download
16. BICEE-010 Analysis And Design Of Bridges Download
17. BICEE-011 Earthquake Resistant Design

Of Structure

18. BICEE-012 Air Quality Monitoring And


19. BICEE-013 Elements Of Soil Dynamics

And Machine Foundation

20. BICEE-014 Environment Impact Analysis Of

Civil Engineering Projects

21. BICEE-015 Water Resources System

Planning And Design

22. BICEE-016 Transportation Planning Download
23. BICEE-017 Advanced Structural Analysis Download
24. BICEE-018 Pavement Evaluation Download
25. BICEE-019 Earth And Rock Fill Dam Engineering Download
26. BICEE-020 Reliability And Optimization Of Structures Download
27. BICEE-021 Computational Methods In Structural Engineering Download
28. BICEE-022 Advanced Design Of Foundation Download
29. BICEE-023 Traffic Engineering Download
30. BICEE-024 Advanced Environmental Engineering Download
Bachelor Of Architecture (B.ARCH)
1. BAR-004 Theory Of Structures – I Download
2. BAR-005 Culture And Built Forms-I Download
3. BAR-014 Theory Of Structures – Ii Download
4. BAR-015 Culture And Built Forms-Ii Download
5. BAR-024 Theory Of Structures – Iii Download
6. BAR-025 Culture And Built Forms – Iii Download
7. BAR-029 Architectural Sciences And Services – I (Climatology) Download
8. BAR-034 Theory Of Structures-Iv Download
9. BAR-035 Culture And Built Forms-Iv Download
10. BAR-039 Architectural Sciences And Services – Ii

(Illumination And Acoustics)

11. BAR-044 Theory Of Structures-V Download
13. BAR-049 Architectural Sciences And Services – Iii

(Water Supply And Sanitation)

14. BAR-053 Estimating And Costing Download
15. BAR-055 Culture And Built Forms-Vi Download
16. BAR-056 Topographic Systems Download
17. BAR-059 Architectural Sciences & Services – Iv (Energy Systems And Hvac) Download
18. BAR-063 Town Planning Download
19. BAR-073 Project Management Download
20. BAR-074 Professional Practice And Building Bye Laws Download
21. BARE-072 Advanced Building Services (Elective 1) Download
22. BARE-073 Earthquake Resistant Structures (Elective 1) Download
23. BARE-074 Site Planning (Elective 1) Download
24. BARE-075 Interior Design (Elective – 1) Download
25. BARE-076 Disaster Management (Elective – 2) Download
26. BARE-077 Green Architecture And Environmental Planning (Elective – 2) Download
27. BARE-078 (Urban Designing) (Elective – 2) Download
28. BARE-079 Intelligent Building Systems (Elective – 2) Download
Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) BTME
1. BME-001 Engineering Mathematics-I Download
2. BME-002 Computer Aided Design Download
3. BME-003 Manufacturing Technology Download
4. BME-004 CNC Technology Download
5. BME-005 Computer Integrated Manufacturing Download
6. BME-006 Mechatronics Download
7. BME-006(S) Mechatronics Download
8. BME-007 Quality Engineering Download
9. BME-007(S) Quality Engineering Download
10. BME-008 Machining Technology Download
11. BME-009 Computer Programmingand Application Download
12. BME-010 Tool Engineering and Management Download
13. BME-011 ComputerAided Process Planning Download
14. BME-012 Manufacturing Systems, Integration and Control Download
15. BME-013 Production Management Download
16. BME-014 Metrology and Instrumentation Download
17. BME-015 Engineering Mathematics Il Download
18. BME-016 Engineering Mechanics Download
19. BME-017 Strength of Materials Download
20. BME-018 Engineering Materials Download
21. BME-019 Engineering Thermodynamics Download
22. BME-020 Kinematics & Dynamics of Mechanisms Download
23. BME-021 Principles of Electrical and Electronic Sciences Download
24. BME-022 Soft Computing in CIM Download
25. BME-023 Advanced Manufacturing Technology Download
26. BME-024 Mechanical Engineering Design Download
27. BME-025 Condition Monitoringand Maintenance Engineering Download
28. BME-027 Heat And Mass Transfer Download
29. BME-028 Fluid Mechanics Download
30. BME-029 Robotics Download
31. BME-030 Safety Engineering Download
32. BME-031 Energy Conversion Download
33. BME-035 Industrial Engineering & Operations Research Download
B.Tech. Civil (Construction Management) / (Water Resources Engineering)/ (Aero Space Engineering) BTCM-BTWRE
1. ET-101A Mathematics- I Download
2. ET-101B Mathematics- II Download
3. ET-102 Mathematics –III Download
4. ET-105A Physics Download
5. ET-105B Chemistry Download
6. ET-201A Mechanics of Fluids Download
7. ET-201B Engineering Thermodynamics Download
8. ET-202A Engineering Mechanics Download
9. ET-202B Principles of Electrical Science Download
10. ET-204A Materials Science Download
11. ET-204B Engineering Materials Download
12. ET-301A- ET-534B System Methods Download
13. ET-301(A)/ET-534(B)(S) System Methods Download
14. ET-301B Computer Applications Download
15. ET-302A Computer Programming and Numerical Analysis Download
16. ET-302B Technical Writing Download
17. ET-501A Soil Mechanics Download
18. ET-501B Foundation Engineering Download
19. ET-501 (B)(S) Foundation Engineering Download
20. ET-502A Strength of Materials Download
21. ET-502B Structural Analysis Download
22. ET-505 Transportation &Traffic Engineering Download
23. ET-507A Pollutants and Water Supply Download
24. ET-507(B) Waste Water Treatment Download
25. ET-508A Structural Design- | Download
26. ET-508B Structural Design- II Download
27. ET-521A Planning Construction of Buildings Download
28. ET-521B Building Architecture Download
29. ET-521C Design Detailing Download
30. ET-521D Quantity Surveying & Valuation Download
31. ET-522 Concrete Technology & Construction Techniques Download
32. ET-523A Construction Works Supervision Download
33. ET-523B Operation and Maintenance of Construction Equipment Download
34. ET-523C Repair and Maintenance of Buildings Download
35. ET-523(C)(S) Repair And Maintenance of Buildings Download
36. ET-524A/ ET-534A Principles of Engineering Management and Economics Download
37. ET-524B Construction Management-I Download
38. ET-525 Construction Management-II Download
39. ET-531A Earth & Its Environment Download
40. ET-531B Soil Science Download
41. ET-532A Hydrology Download
42. ET-532B Ground Water Development Download
43. ET-533A Irrigation Engineering Download
44. ET-533B Open Channel Flow Download
45. ET-534C Water Resources Planning Download
46. ET-535A Elementary Hydrology Download
47. ET-535B Hydraulic Structures Download
48. ET-536A Hydraulic Structures-I Download
49. ET-536B Hydraulic Structures-II Download
50. ET-537A Soil Conservation and Agronomy Download
51. ET-537B Agricultural Legislation and Management Download
52. ET-540B Flow in Open Channel Download
53. ET-581(A)(S) Testing For Quality Control Download
54. ET-581A Testing for Quality Control Download
55. ET-581B Inventory and Stores Management Download
56. ET-581C Building Services Download
57. ET-581F Mechanical Equipmentsin Construction Download
B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering (BTAE)
1. BAS-001 Applied Physics Download
2. BAS-002 Applied Chemistry Download
3. BAS-003 Technical Writing and Communication Skills Download
4. BAS-004 Workshop Technology Download
5. BAS-005 Engineering Drawing Download
6. BAS-006 Computer Fundamentals Download
7. BAS-007 CNS-ATM system Download
8. BAS-008 Strength of Materials Download
9. BAS-009 Introduction to Aeronautics Download
10. BAS-010 Mechanics Design Download
11. BAS-011 Aircraft Systems And Airworthiness Requirements Download
12. BAS-012 Aerodynamics- I Download
13. BAS-013 Propulsion- I Download
14. BAS-014 Aircraft Structures Download
15. BAS-015 Aerodynamics- II Download
16. BAS-016 Propulsion- II Download
17. BAS-017 Flight Mechanics Download
18. BAS-018 Aircraft Safety and Maintenance Engineering Download
19. BAS-019 Aircraft Instruments Download
20. BAS-020 Basic Control Theory Download
21. BAS-021 Environmental Science Download
22. BAS-022 Composite Materials Download
23. BAS-023 Aircraft Design/Launch Vehicle/ Rocket Design Download
24. BAS-024 Introduction To Rocket And Missiles Download
25. BAS-025 Space Dynamics Download
26. BASE-002 Rocket Propulsion Download
27. BASE-003 High Speed Aerodynamics Download
28. BASE-005 Instruction To Computer Play Device Download
B.Tech. VIEP- Electrical Engineering III (BTCSVI/BTECVI/BTELVI)
2. BIEE-003 Power System – I Download
3. BIEE-004 Electrical Machine – I Download
4. BIEE-005 Electromagnetic Theory Download
5. BIEE-007 Electrical Measurements And Measuring Instruments Download
6. BIEE-008 Electro Mechanical Energy Conversion – I Download
7. BIEE-009 Applied Electromagnetics Download
8. BIEE-010 Micro Controllers Download
9. BIEE-011 Electrical Machines – Ii Download
10. BIEE-012 Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion – Ii Download
11. BIEE-013 Electrical And Electronics Engineering Materials Download
12. BIEE-013(S) Electrical And Electronics Engineering Materials Download
13. BIEE-014 Network Theory Download
14. BIEE-014(S) Network Theory Download
15. BIEE-015 Microprocessor And Applications Download
16. BIEE-016 Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion-Iii Download
17. BIEE-017 Digital Electronics Download
18. BIEE-018 High Voltage Engineering Download
19. BIEE-019 Electrical Instrumentation Download
20. BIEE-020 Electrical Machines And Electronics Download
21. BIEE-021 Control System Download
22. BIEE-022 Power System Download
23. BIEE-023 Switchgear And Protection Download
24. BIEE-024 Power Electronics Download
25. BIEE-025 Power System Planning And Load


26. BIEE-026 Energy Auditing And Analysis Download
B.Sc Fashion Merchandizing & Retail Management (BSCFMRM)
1. BFW-001 Fundamentals of Retail-I Download
2. BFW-002 Elements of Fashion Download
3. BFW-003 Managerial Economics Download
4. BFW-004 Principles Of Management Download
5. BFW-005 Marketing Management Download
6. BFW-006 Business Communication-I Download
7. BFW-007 Fundamentals of Retail-II Download
8. BFW-008 Retail Merchandising-I Download
9. BFW-009 Business Communication-II Download
10. BFW-010 Seles Management Download
11. BFW-011 Retail Planning & Site Selection Download
12. BFW-012 Consumer Behaviour Download
13. BFW-013 Retail Merchandizing – II Download
14. BFW-014 Retail Organization – I Download
15. BFW-015 Product Knowledge – I Download
16. BFW-016 Mall Management Download
17. BFW-017 Non-Store Retailing Download
18. BFW-018 Retail Operations-I Download
19. BFW-019 Customer Relationship Management Download
20. BFW-020 Retail Communication Download
21. BFW-021 Retail Organization Ii Download
22. BFW-022 Retail Merchandizing – Iii Download
23. BFW-023 Financial Management Download
24. BFW-024 Personality Development Download
25. BFW-025 Retail Operations – Ii Download
26. BFW-026 Product Knowledge-Ii Download
27. BFW-027 Personality Development Download
28. BFW-028 International Retailing Download
29. BFW-029 Retail Strategy Download
30. BFW-030 Franchising Download
31. BFW-031 Supply Chain Management Download
32. BFW-032 Import Export Documentation Download
33. BFW-033 Retail Banking Download
B.Sc Footwear Technology (BSCFWT)
1. BFW-035 Product Knowledge / Material Foundation Download
2. BFW-035 (S) Product Knowledge / Material Foundation Download
3. BFW-036 Applied Science Download
4. BFW-036 (S) Applied Science Download
5. BFW-037 Computer Science Download
6. BFW-038 Introduction To Manufacturing Technique Download
7. BFW-039 Fundamentals Of Management Download
8. BFW-039 (S) Fundamentals Of Management Download
9. BFW-040 Manufacturing Technique – I Download
10. BFW-041 Business Economics Download
11. BFW-042 Manufacturing Technique – Ii Download
12. BFW-043 Finishing 1 Download
13. BFW-044 Art of Public Speaking – I Download
14. BFW-045 Basic Accounting Download
15. BFW-046 Advanced Manufacturing Technique Download
16. BFW-047 Art Of Public Speaking – Ii Download
17. BFW-048 HRM Download
18. BFWE-001 Advanced Design – I Download
19. BFWE-003 Productivity And Operation Management – I Download
20. BFWE-005 Introduction To Marketing And Merchandising Download
21. BFWE-011 Advanced Design – Ii Download
22. BFWE-012 Testing Download
23. BFWE-013 Managerial Development Download
24. BFWE-014 Marketing Basic Download
25. BFWE-016 Production Operation Management – Ii Download
26. BFWE-017 Productivity – I Download
27. BFWE-018 Polymer Technology – I Download
28. BFWE-019 Testing Download
29. BFWE-020 Managerial Development Download
30. BFWE-021 Marketing Basic Download
31. BFWE-025 Marketing Download
32. BFWE-026 Merchandising Download
33. BFWE-027 Testing Download
34. BFWE-028 Managerial Development Download
35. BFWE-029 Marketing Basic Download
36. BFWE-041 Advance Design Download
37. BFWE-043 Production And Operation Management – III Download
38. BFWE-044 Polymer Technology Download
B.Sc In Leather Goods And Accessories Design (BSCLGAD)
1. BFW-051 Geometry Construction Download
2. BFW-052 Elements Of Design Download
3. BFW-053 Computer Application-I Download
4. BFW-054 History Of Design Download
5. BFW-055 Management-I Download
6. BFW-056 Elements Of Fashion Download
7. BFW-057 Computer Application-II Download
8. BFW-058 Management-II Download
9. BFW-059 Leather Cutting Download
10. BFW-060 Closing Download
11. BFW-061 Business Communication Download
12. BFW-062 Management-III Download
13. BFW-063 Fashion Forecasting Download
14. BFW-064 Theory (Computer Aided Design) Download
15. BFW-065 Management-Iv Download
16. BFW-066 Introduction To Footwear Download
17. BFW-067 Product Photography Download
18. BFW-068 Business Communication- IV Download
19. BFW-069 Supply Chain Management Download
1. BIEL-001 Basics Of Electronics Engineering Download
2. BIEL-002 Analog Integrated Circuits Design Download
3. BIEL-003 Digital Electronics Download
4. BIEL-005 Analog Electronic Circuits Download
5. BIEL-005 Analog Electronic Circuits Download
6. BIEL-006 Electromagnetic Field Theory Download
7. BIEL-007 Signal And Systems Download
8. BIEL-008 Microcontrollers Download
9. BIEL-009 Electronic Measurement and Inst Download
10. BIEL-010 Digital Signal Processing Download
11. BIEL-011 Linear Integrated Circuits Download
12. BIEL-012 Analog and Mixed Mode VLSI Design Download
13. BIEL-013 Antennas and Propagation Download
14. BIEL-014 Analog Communication Download
15. BIEL-015 Microprocessor And Its Applications Download
16. BIEL-016 Microwave And Radar Engineering Download
17. BIEL-017 Optical Fiber Communication Download
18. BIEL-018 Wireless Communication Download
19. BIEL-019 Power Electronics Download
20. BIEL-020 Control Engineering Download
21. BIEL-021 Computer Communication Networks Download
22. BIEL-023 Information Theory And Coding Download
23. BIEL-024 Embedded System Design Download
24. BIEL-025 Advance Microprocessor And Architecture Download
25. BIEL-025 Advance Microprocessor And Architecture Download
1. BFR-001 Fundamentals Of Retail – I Download
2. BFR-002 Basic Of Accounts And Managerial Economics Download
3. BFR-003 Fundamentals Of Management Download
4. BFR-004 Computer Basics Download
5. BFR-005 Business Communication-I Download
6. BFR-006 Fundamentals Of Retail – Ii Download
7. BFR-007 Franchising Download
8. BFR-007(S) Franchising Download
9. BFR-008 Human Resource Management Download
10. BFR-009 Marketing Management Download
11. BFR-010 Consumer Behavior Download
12. BFR-010(S) Consumer Behavior Download
13. BFR-011 Business Communication – Ii Download
14. BFR-012 Retail Merchandising – I Download
15. BFR-013 Retail Planning Download
16. BFR-014 Non-Store Retailing Download
17. BFR-015 Customer Relationship Management Download
18. BFR-016 Sales Management Download
19. BFR-025 History of Design Download
20. BFR-026 Elements of Fashion Download
21. BFR-027 Marketing Management and Marketing Research Download
22. BFR-029 Leather Science Download
23. BFR-030 Merchandising and Import-Export Management Download
24. BFR-032 Product Knowledge And Material Foundation Download
25. BFR-033 Introduction to Footwear Manufacturing Technique Download
26. BFR-034 Manufacturing Technique — I Download
27. BFR-035 Business Economics And Accounts Download
28. BFR-036 Manufacturing Technique – II Download
29. BFR-037 Footwear Finishing Techniques – I Download
30. BFR-038 Introduction To Marketing And Merchandising Download
1. MFR-001 Product Knowledge And Material Foundation Download
2. MFR-001(S) Product Knowledge And Material Foundation Download
3. MFR-002 Computer Basics Download
4. MFR-003 Introduction To Footwear Manufacturing Download
5. MFR-004 Elements Of Economics, Accounts And Finance Download
6. MFR-005 Principles And Practices Of Management Download
7. MFR-006 Advanced Manufacturing Technique Download
8. MFR-007 Marketing Management And Market Research Download
9. MFR-008 Organisational Behaviour And Human Resources Development Download
10. MFR-009 Footwear Lasting & Making Download
11. MFR-010 Footwear Retailing Download
12. MFR-011 Polymer And DMS Sports Shoe Technology Download
13. MFR-012 Production And Operation Management Download
14. MFR-013 Finishing Download
15. MFR-014 International Business Download
16. MFR-015 Introduction To Retail Download
17. MFR-016 Principles Of Retail Merchandising Download
18. MFR-017 Communication Skills Download
19. MFR-018 Retail Marketing Download
20. MFR-019 Site Selection Download
21. MFR-020 Functions Of Merchandising Download
22. MFR-021 Retail Communication Download
23. MFR-022 Fundamentals Of Sales Management Download
24. MFR-023 Corporate Skills Download
25. MFR-024 Managing Retail Supply Chain Download
26. MFR-025 Retail Consumer Behaviour Download
27. MFR-026 Managing Retail Store Operation Download
28. MFR-027 Retail Strategy Download
29. MFR-028 Global Retailing Download
30. MFR-029 Retail Branding Download
31. MFR-030 Luxury And Lifestyle Retailing Download
32. MFR-031 Product Knowledge And Material Foundation Download
33. MFR-032 Design Foundation Download
34. MFR-033 Market Research, Travels And Statistical Techniques Download
35. MFR-034 Product Design Process Download
36. MFR-035 Basic Of Cad Download
37. MFR-036 Product Design Process (A) Component Making (B) Making And Finishing Download
38. MFR-037 Product Design Process (Leather Goods : Cutting Technology And Closing Technology) Download
39. MFR-038 Product Design Process (Leather Goods) Download
40. MFR-039 Design Finishing, Validation And Design Management Download
41. MFR-040 Advance And Virtual Product Design (Footwear) Download
M.Sc. Fashion Merchandising And Retail Management (MSCFMRM)
1. MFW-001  Introduction To Retail Download
2. MFW-002 Retail Merchandising-I Download
3. MFW-003 Elements of Fashion Download
4. MFW-004 Communication Skills — I Download
5. MFW-005 Marketing Management Download
6. MFW-006 HRM / Organisational Behaviour Download
7. MFW-007 Fabric And Garment – I Download
8. MFW-008 Managerial Economics Download
9. MFW-009 Store Planning – Site Selection / Mall Management Download
10. MFW-010 Retail Merchandising – II Download
11. MFW-011 Retail Communication Download
12. MFW-012 Fabrics And Garments – II Download
13. MFW-013 Sales Management Download
14. MFW-014 Business Communication — I Download
15. MFW-015 Supply Chain Management Download
16. MFW-016 Consumer Behaviour Download
17. MFW-017 Retail Operations Download
18. MFW-018 Retail Strategy Download
19. MFW-019 International Retailing Download
20. MFW-020 Retail Branding Download
21. MFW-021 Company Law Download
22. MFW-022 Lifestyle Merchandising Download
23. MFW-023 Import-Export Documentation Download
M.Sc. Footwear Technology (MSCFWT)
1. MFW-025 Product Knowledge / Material Foundation Download
2. MFW-026 Computer Science Download
3. MFW-027 Introduction To Manufacturing Technique Download
4. MFW-028 Managerial Economics And Fundamentals of Accounts And Finance Download
5. MFW-029 Advanced Manufacturing Technique Download
6. MFW-030 Marketing Management And Marketing Research Download
7. MFW-031 Organisational Behaviour And Human Resources Development Download
8. MFW-032 Communication Skills – II Download
9. MFW-033 Productivity And Production And Operation Management Download
10. MFW-034 Polymer And DMS Sports Shoe Technology Download
11. MFW-035 Marketing And Merchandising Download
12. MFW-036 Lasting Download
13. MFW-037 Finishing Download
14. MFW-038 International Trade And Company Law Download
15. MFW-039 Communication Skills – III Download
M.Sc. In Creative Design CAD/CAM (MSCCRD)
1. MFW-040 Designing – I Download
2. MFW-041 Footwear Technology – I Download
3. MFW-042 Management – I Download
4. MFW-043 Designing – II Download
5. MFW-044 Footwear Technology – II Download
6. MFW-045 Management – II Download
7. MFW-046 Designing – III Download
8. MFW-047 Footwear Technology – Ill Download
9. MFW-048 Management-III Download
10. MFW-049 Designing – IV Download
M.Sc. In Leather Goods And Accessories Design (MSCLGAD)
1. MFW-050 Geometric Construction Download
2. MFW-051 Elements Of Design Download
3. MFW-052 Computer Application Download
4. MFW-053 Overview Of Fashion Download
5. MFW-054 Management Studies-I Download
6. MFW-055 Leather Technology-I Download
7. MFW-056 Leather Cutting Download
8. MFW-057 Closing Download
9. MFW-058 Business Communication-II Download
10. MFW-059 Management Studies-II Download
11. MFW-060 Fashion Forecasting Download
12. MFW-061 Business Communication – III Download
13. MFW-062 Management Studies – III Download
14. MFW-063 Product Documentation Download
M.Sc. Visual Merchandizing and Communication Design (MSCVMCD)
1. MFW-065 Introduction To Retail Download
2. MFW-066 Introduction To Communication Design Download
3. MFW-067 Material Exploration Download
4. MFW-068 Communication Strategies Download
5. MFW-069 Consumer Behaviour Download
6. MFW-070 Print Design Download
7. MFW-071 Business Studies Download
8. MFW-072 Retail Branding Download
9. MFW-073 Store Design Download
10. MFW-074 Home-Ware And Accessories Download
11. MFW-075 Fashion and Styling Download
12. MFW-076 Business Studies – II Download
13. MFW-077 Interactive Design Download
14. MFW-078 Events and Exhibitions Download

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