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Download Previous Year’s Solved Paper IGNOU – School Of Continuing Education

Certificate Programme in Food and Nutrition
1. CFN-1 You and Your Food Download
1. CFN-2 Your Food and its Utilization Download
2. CFN-3 Economics of Food Download
Certificate in Nutrition & Child Care
1. CNCC-1 Nutrition for the Community Download
2. CN CC-2 Organizing Child are Services Download
Certificate Programme in Food safety
1. BFN-001 Introduction to Food Safety Download
2. BFN-002 Hazards to Food Safety Download
3. BFN-003 Food Safety and Quality Assurance Download
Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education
1. DNHE-1 Nutrition of the Community Download
2. DNHE-2 Public Health and Hygiene Download
3. DNHE-3 Nutrition and Health Education Download
Diploma in Early Childhood care and Education
1. DECE-1 Organizing Child Care Services Download
2. DECE-2 Child Health and Nutrition Download
3. DECE-3 Services and Programmes For Children Download
Diploma In Panchayat Level Administration Development
1. BPR-001 Panchayats In India : The Context Download
2. BPR-002 Decentralized Planning And Panchayati Raj Download
3. BPR-003 Panchayatiraj Institutions And

Anti Poverty Programmes

4. BPR-005 Basic Computer Literacy Download
Bachelor Degree Programme
1.  ACC-001 Organizing Child Care Services Download
2. ACC-001(S) Organizing Child Care Services Download
3.  ANC-01  Nutrition for the Community Download
4. ANC-01(S) Nutrition for the Community Download
5.  ERD-001  Effective Course: Rural Development Download
6. BRDE-l01 Rural Development : Indian Context Download
Master of Arts (Rural Development)/Post-Graduate Diploma in Rural Development
1. RDD-6 Rural Health Care Download
2. RDD-7 Communication and Extension in Rural Development Download
Post Graduate Certificate / Diploma in Pediatric Nutrition
1. MFN-021 Childhood Nutrition : Basic Concepts And Physiological Requirements Download
2. MFN-022 Childhood Nutrition : In Health And Disease Download
Master of Science in Dietetics and Food Service management
1. MFN-001 Applied Physiology Download
2. MFN-002 Nutritional biochemistry Download
3. MFN-003 Food Microbiology and Safety Download
4. MFN-004 Advance Nutrition Download
5. MFN-005 Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition Download
6. MFN-006 Public Nutrition Download
7. MFN-007 Entrepreneurship and Food Service Management Download
8. MFN-008 Principles of Food Science Download
9. MFN-009 Research Methods and Biostatistics Download
10. MFN-010 Understanding Computer Applications Download
Master of Arts (Rural Development)
1. MRD-101 Rural Development: Indian Context Download
2. MRD-102 Rural Development: Programmes Download
3. MRD-103 Rural Development Planning and Management Download
4. MRD-004 Research Methods in Rural Development Download
5. MRDE-002 Voluntary Action in Rural Development Download
6. MRDE-003 Land Reforms and Rural Development Download
7. MRDE-004 Entrepreneurship and Rural Development Download
Master Of Science In Counseling And Family Therapy And Post Graduate Diploma In Counseling And Family Therapy
1. MCFT-001 Human Development And Family Relationships Download
2. MCFT-002 Mental Health And Disorders Download
3. MCFT-003 Counselling And Family Therapy : Basic Concepts And Theoretical Perspectives Download
4. MCFT-004 Counselling And Family Therapy: Applied Aspects Download
5. MCFT-005 Counselling And Family Therapy :Research Methods And Statistics Download
6. MCFT-006 Applied Social Psychology Download
7. MCFT-007 Applications And Interventions Download
8. MCFTE-001 Marital And Family Therapy And Counselling Download
9. MCFTE-002 Child And Adolescent Therapy Download
10. MCFTE-003 Substance Abuse Counselling And Therapy Download
Pre-Ph.D. Course in Rural Development (PHDRD)
1- RRDE-001 Voluntary Action And Social Change In Rural India Download

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