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Download NIOS TMA for Sr. Secondary (12th) 2019-20

Are NIOS Student for Class 12th? Do you want to download NIOS TMA for Sr. Secondary Class 12th, Session-2019-20? if yes then below is the solution for you. Here we have given easy download link subject-wise.

These assignments are for you if you meet the following criteria-

  • Applicable if you are enrolled with NIOS for Sr. Secondary Course – 12th Class
  • Applicable if you are going to appear for exam in April/May 2020 or Oct/Nov 2020.

Last Date of Submission:

  • Submit this by 31 January 2020– if you have to appear in April/May 2020 Exam
  • Submit this by 30 July 2020– if you have to appear in Oct/Nov 2020 Exam

Download NIOS TMA for Sr. Secondary 12th Class: Hindi and English Medium

Download TMA- Instructions  |   Download TMA-Receipt

Hindi (301)English (302)Bengali (303)Tami (304)
Odiya (305)Gujarati (307)Sanskrit (309)Punjabi (310)
Mathematics (311)Physics (312)Chemistry (313)Biology (314)
History (315)Geography (316)Political Science (317)Economics (318)
Business Studies (319)Accountancy (320)Home Science (321)Psychology (328)
Computer Science (330)Sociology (331)Painting (332)Environmental Science (333)
Mass Communication (335)Data Entry (336)Tourism (337)Introduction to Law (338)
Library and Information Science (339)MALAYALAM (343)Vedadhyanam (345)Sanskrit Vyakarnam (346)
Bhartiya Darshnam (347)Sanskrit Sahityam (348)Physical Education and Yog (373)Military Studies (374)
Military History (375)

Senior Secondary in Regional Medium 2019-20

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