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Dear Ignou BCOM General Students, if you have taken admission in July 2019 onward, here is the good new for you. You can download your syllabus text book for Ignou BCOC-131 Financial Account Book for free. This book is in pdf format chapter-wise/ block-wise. Now no need to keep of waiting for your books by post, download Ignou BCOC-131 book in pdf format for free.

Download Link for Ignou BCOC-131 Financial Accounting Book English Medium

  1. Block-1 Theoretical framework
  2. Block-2 Accounting process
  3. Block-3 Final accounts
  4. Block-4 Hire purchase and inland branches
  5. Block-5 Consignments and joint ventures
  6. Block-6 Computerised accounting

Download Link for Ignou BCOC-131 Financial Accounting Book Hindi Medium

(Download Ignou BCOC-131 वित्तिया लेखाकरण Books all five blocks in Hindi Medium following the below links)

2019Block-6 कम्प्यूटरीकृत लेखांकन
2019Block-5 प्रेषण तथा सयुंक्त उपक्रम
2019Block-4 अवक्रय लेखा तथा अंतर्द्रेशिया शाखाएँ
2019Block-3 अंतिम लेखे
2019Block-2 लेखाकरण की प्रक्रिया
2019Block-1 लेखाकरण की सैद्धांतिक रूपरेखा

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